'Knight Reading' @ Your Library

I am a fan of historical fiction, especially if the action of the story is set during the Middle Ages.  The structure of society during the Middle Ages iand the role of Knights is fascinating.  I like to read about Knights, so I thought a display of fiction and nonfiction books about Knights and the Middle Ages might be of interest and entertaining as well.  On your next visit to the library, please take a look at 'Knight Reading' and see if you find a book to read.  If we don't have what you need, remember that we can interlibrary loan items for you.  Happy Reading!

Holiday Romance

Angels at ChristmasIn the mood for a holiday romance? Fairbanks Library can’t fix you up with a sweetheart, but we can fix you up with some good books. We have nearly 100 Christmas romance novels, including about 15 by the queen of the holiday romance, Debbie Macomber. Stop by and pick up a few to snuggle with!

What we're reading at Fairbanks Branch

Ella Minnow Pea

Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn

When you work at a library you tend to discuss books you've heard about or recently read. Last week I was behind the circulation desk when a little girl was singing a very interesting rendition of the Alphabet Song. I told the branch librarian that it reminded me of one of the Fudge books by Judy Blume. (Fudge's alphabet consisted of only A B C D E F G R B Y Z.)

Free Christmas Ideas

Christmas Gooseberry PatchNeed some ideas for how to decorate or what to cook?  Fairbanks Library has over 25 books just about Christmas cooking, including some by Southern Living and Paula Deen.  If you’re in the library, check out our display or go to 641.568 and if you’re in our online catalog, just type in “Christmas cooking.”  For decorating idea

Harry Potter day at Fairbanks

We're excited about the new Harry Potter movie coming out at midnight. Can you tell?

Harry Potter characters

Getting sorted and hanging out with Hedwig.

Gryffindor Pride

Gryffindor represent!

Golden Snitch

Johnny is about to catch the Golden Snitch!