Sunday is National Dog Day

National Dog Day, celebrated annually on August 26, aims to honor dogs and to rescue them from homelessness and abuse. Take the time to give the dogs in your life a hug or pat on the head for giving their loyalty, love, and companionship. Working dogs aid people with handicaps and work with law enforcement to help with search and rescue, or even to sniff out bombs or drugs.

Because dogs sometimes need us to save them, the National Dog Day foundation's goal is to rescue 10,000 dogs a year. To find out more about how you can help, visit

Creatures of the Sea

Many strange and interesting creatures live in the various oceans and seas around the world.  To learn more about some of these creatures, please browse our new display of books that feature such topics as sharks, whales, and others.  If we don't have a book about a sea creature you want to read about, please ask us and we can interlibrary loan material for you.  Happy Reading!

Be a Volunteer ESL Tutor

TutorThere are a lot of people in the Fairbanks area who want to learn to read, write, and speak the English language.  If you have a little spare time, you can help them.  You don’t have to be able to speak a foreign language, and we will provide teaching materials for you.  If you are interested, please come to a training session for volunteer ESL tutors here at the Fairbanks Library on Friday, September 7, from 1:00-4:00 pm.  After the training session, we will try to match tutors with students who can meet on the same schedule.  To register, please call the library at (713) 466-4438.

Famous Lives @ Your Library

Do you like to read about the lives of famous people?  If you do, please browse one of our newest displays which features biographies of some of the well-known men and women of our time.  Famous rock singers, actors, and sports figures are just some of the news makers to be found in the biographies on display.  If you don't find a biography of someone you would like to know more about, please let us know and we can get one for you using our interlibrary loan service.  See you soon and, as always, Happy Reading!


Check out our lobby!

Due to the generosity of our customers, the Friends of the Library donation shelves in the lobby are exploding with great books, magazines, and VHS tapes. If you see anything you like, just drop the donation in the wooden box or stop by the circulation desk with your donation. The following donation suggestions are posted in the lobby above the wooden box:

Hardcover Book- $1

Paperback Book- 25-50 cents

Children's Book- 50 cents

DVD- $1

VHS- 25 cents

Magazine- 15 cents

Feel free to bring in your own gently used and clean items for donation as well. If you have any questions, call (713) 466-4438.