Dragon Preschool Story Time

For all kids who like stories about dragons, please visit our Preschool Story Time next Tuesday, January 24, at 10:30 AM in the library's meeting room.  We will share several picture book stories about dragons as well as participate in some activities, including a craft.  Why dragons, you may ask?  It's time for Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dragon!  See you soon and Happy Reading!

National Popcorn Day



January 19 is National Popcorn Day. While the origins of this holiday are unknown and there is no official documentation declaring this a real "National" day, there's no reason to kick back with your favorite bowl of popcorn. I'm partial to kettle corn and my kitties are nuts for lemon and salt.


 Here are some popcorn books to get you hungry:

Who's superstitious?


Friday the 13th is coming up and a few of us at the library can't help but have a black cat cross our paths. Throughout history, the number 13 has been known as an unlucky number and Friday has been dubbed the unluckiest day of the week. So I guess that makes Friday the 13th a double whammy of misfortune!

Nonetheless, I recommend the following black cat books to enjoy this Friday:

'Tweet' Reads @ Your Library

Although the season of Spring is not until later in this new year, the warmer temperatures and sunshine give a Spring-like quality to the weather here.  If you take a walk in the park area near the Fairbanks Library building, not only can you see the ducks in the pond, but also more birds around the area, too.  The different types of birds made us think of the various fiction and nonfiction books about birds in the library collection, and we created a new display of books about them--'Tweet Reading'.  If you like birds and want to learn more about them, please browse the display and check out some books to take home and share.  If you do not find the information you need, please ask at the circulation desk and we will interlibrary loan

Make a donation

Is cleaning out your closet or office a New Year's Resolution this year? Fairbanks Library is happy to receive your no longer needed, gently used books, DVDs, and CDs. These materials are placed on the Friends of the Library Book Sale shelves in the lobby or are saved for the big, biannual book sale. (Whew! Say that three times fast!)

You may drop off your donation at the circulation desk during library hours. If your donation is large, staff members will help you bring it inside. Please do not leave donation materials in the book drop or outside near the library doors.