March is National Craft Month

CraftingAccording to the Lark Crafts website (, the Craft & Hobby Association began celebrating National Craft Month in 1994 to promote the joys of crafting to both new and experienced crafters. Only a handful of retailers and manufacturers participated in the beginning, but now millions of crafters around the world share their love of crafting.

Are you curious about a new craft? Take the time to try out a project that you've been planning or pass on your knowledge to a beginner crafter.

Need inspiration? Check out these websites:

Women's History & Health Resources

Would you like to learn more about the lives of some of the women who have made major contributions to history?  Do want to learn more about some of the important health issues and concerns for women?  Then please browse our two new displays here at the Fairbanks Branch Library:  "Women's History" and "Women's Health Resources."  You fill find informational books about health issues, and also biographies of some famous women throughout history.  If you don't find what you need, please tell us and we will interlibrary loan what you need.  Happy Reading!

Need volunteer hours?

Patron Count Week is coming up and we need volunteers to count the number of people who come to our library from Monday, March 12 through Saturday, March 17. Each shift is one hour long but you are welcome to sign up for more than one hour. You may also sign up for multiple days! Volunteers must be between the ages of 14 and 104.

Spread the word to anyone who might be interested in lending us a hand. Kids, this is a great way to get volunteer hours for your club at school or to beef up your scholarship application. Or if you're just bored at home, flip through a magazine or book while helping us tally up the library folk. Grab a friend and help us count!

Intro to Library eBooks

EreadersDo you have an iPad, a Kindle, or a Nook?  Did you know that you can borrow ebooks for free through the library’s Digital Media Catalog?  If you’d like some help getting started, bring your ereader to the library meeting room on Wednesday, March 7, at 3:00.  We are hosting a library ebook demonstration in celebration of Read an eBook Week, which is March 4-10.  Please call us at (713) 466-4438 to register and let us know which type of device you’ll be bringing.  If you don’t have an ereader yet, we have some that you can look at and learn about.

Manga vs Manhwa

Unless you're in the know, you're probably thinking Man-whu? It's okay. I never heard of it before either. Manhwa is to Korea as Manga is to Japan. (Or if you're more visual, Manhwa:Korea::Manga:Japan) wink

It can be pronounced either "mahn-hwa" or "mahn-hua." You have probably seen Manhwa at the bookstore or the library because it is usually shelved with Manga.