HCPL has several Apps available for smart phone and tablet users.


BookMyne App

Using the BookMyne App, users can check the catalog,download items, manage your account(s) , and find suggested reading. 

Apple Store 


HCPL App makes it quick and easy to access Harris County Public Library on the go! Search Harris County Public Library’s catalog, download items, manage your account, and find suggested reading instantly with your iOS device.


Overdrive Media Console

Read books and listen to audio books from the library's Digital Media Catalog.

Apple StoreGoogle Play



Listen to audio books from the library's OneClickdigital service.

Apple StoreGoogle Play


The magazines you know and love, available digitally from the library's Flipster service.

iTunes Google Play

Please note: the HCPL Mobile App, also known as Boopsie, is no longer being supported by its vendor, so Harris County Public Library has discontinued it. It has been removed from the list above, as well as Google Play and the Apple App Store. The HCPL Mobile App will no longer function and should be removed from your device.

For iOS users the HCPL App above is the best alternative, though the BookMyne app offers similar functionality for both iOS and Android devices.




You can gain access to Hoopla by getting a Houston Public Library card. I registered today and am now able to use Hoopla again. Register for Houston Public Library "My Link" card online via http://houstonlibrary.org/my-link-library-card-registration

Hoopla no longer serviced by hcpl?

I was wondering why you no longer are a part of hoopla. I suddenly couldn't find most books I looked for and asked hoopla about it and they said you no longer participate? Is there a way we can get back in? It's a much better option as you don't have to wait for holds, there are many more audiobooks, etc.

Bring Back Hoopla

Please bring back Hoopla, I absolutely loathe Libby. I don’t want tax dollars being wasted on an app no one can even use. Hoopla has an amazing assortment and is very user friendly.


You can gain access to Hoopla by getting a "my link" card through the Houston public library. I just registered today and am now able to use my Hoopla account again with even more content than before. Register via: http://houstonlibrary.org/my-link-library-card-registration

Libby and Hoopla

We have no plans at this time to bring back Hoopla. As we have said in previous posts, due to budgetary constraints, we were unable to continue providing the service.

We're sorry you are unhappy with Libby. The feedback we have received on it has been overwhelmingly positive. If there is a specific issue you are having with it, we would be happy to try to help. Please call or visit any of our branch libraries. 

Thanks for your candor. We are always working to improve our services and honest conversation with our customers is the best way to do that.

Wishing you all the best,

Same concern

You was wondering this as well. I really liked it because you were not put on a wait list for items.

As a Hoopla user, you should

As a Hoopla user, you should have received an email notifying you that HCPL would be discontinuing the service as of Aug. 31. Below is the text of the email:

Dear Harris County Public Library hoopla customers,

Due to the challenges of providing 24/7 checkout access to hoopla, the service will be discontinued on August 31, 2017 at 11:59pm.  Items that you have already checked out will become unavailable at that time.  This was a very difficult decision and we apologize for any inconvenience to our customers.  We will continue to explore alternatives to bring you the best public library digital content.

Harris County Public Library offers a large catalog of quality digital content via Overdrive for ebooks, eaudiobooks, and comics, and OneClick Digital for eaudiobooks.  We have purchased new audiobooks in Overdrive that are always available for checkout to help meet your immediate needs.  The new Overdrive app, Libby, provides a more user-friendly library streaming experience, similar to what you may be used to with the hoopla app.

At Harris County Public Library, we strive to provide the best, most cost-effective materials and services to Harris County. We hope you will continue to look to us for your information and entertainment needs.

Please contact us with questions, concerns or suggestions by filling out our comment card.

Thank you,
Harris County Public Library

I'm so sad there's no more

I'm so sad there's no more Hoopla; I have been using it so much this year! And I didn't get any email indicating the service was ending. :-( I find the UX of Overdrive much less user friendly. Still grateful to have at least something to listen to audio books though...


We're sorry you didn't receive the email. It was designed to go out to every email address that was associated with a Hoopla login. Thank you for letting us know.


I did not get an email either. I thought it wasn't available because of the library flooding. I’m disappointed also. Overdrive is either VERY limited or just not user friendly.

We're sorry you did not get

We're sorry you did not get the email. It went out to all email addresses connected to an HCPL Hoopla account. It's possible it ended up in your junk folder.

The OverDrive collection has 62,000+ individual titles; 12,000+ are audiobooks. We understand that Hoopla was a much loved and much-used resource, and are still working to find an economically feasible alternative 

The OverDrive interface is designed at the vendor level. Our control over it's features is limited. if you have specific issues with the app or desktop interface, we welcome your input and will pass them along to the vendor.

Thank you for your comments.

Harris County app

Do you know why the Harris County Library app was taken out of the Google Play Store? Will it be available anytime soon? Thank you.

Re: HCPL apps

The vendor no longer supports it. It will not be coming back. The BookMyne app gives you much the same functionality. 

HCPL apps

Are the apps only available in iOS platform? Which apps are available for Android users? Karen

Re: HCPL apps

To the right of or directly below each app description above are icons, Apple App Store and/or Google Play, indicating which operating system each app is compatible with. For example, Bookmyne is compatible with both. The HCPL app only with iOS, etc. 

Thank you for your question.