Old and New in Graphic Novels

Did you know that The New York Times publishes a Bestsellers List specifically for graphic novels? The list is separated into three sections that list hardcover, paperback, and manga novels. Twice a month, I will post "highlights" of their selections, one post dedicated to graphic books and the second dedicated to manga.

All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder by Frank Miller. Although Batman and Robin have been around for a while, one might find it difficult to find the first comic book story about duo. This novel tells the story of how it first began and is definitely a must-read for lovers of superheroes and villains.

The Overlook by Michael Connelly

The OverlookIn The Overlook, Harry Bosch investigates the death of a doctor killed on the Mulholland Drive overlook.


Complete Western Stories of Elmore LeonardThis past June the Western Writers of America presented the Owen Wister Award to Elmore Leonard for his contributions to the literature of the west.

On the Shelf: A Life in Comedy

Listening to books on CD is something I’ve tended to avoid…until recently. To me, a book has always been something I’ve held in my hands while curled up in my most comfortable chair. In fact, a book has always been something I’ve read, since I first learned to read on my own. 

Are You a Dummie or an Idiot?

For DummiesI’m a Dummie!  I love using the For Dummies series of books whenever I need to learn about a new topic.  I’ve also on occasion used the Idiot’s Guide series.  (I don’t believe you are what you read!)  But, when it comes to learning about computer-related topics, the choices are even greater. 

Confession May Be Good for the Soul, But Is It Good For Poetry?

We could argue till the monkeys finally type out Hamlet about whether or not the so-called Confessional Poets--Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, et al--deserve Cover Art: Sylvia Plath: A Critical Studythat title, and whether or not they are to blame for the widespread notion that the writing of poetry is primarily a therapeutic endeavor practiced by angry and/or melancholic adolescents, and those who want “to get in touch with their true feelings.” Don’t get me wrong here --I’m all in favor of folks getting in touch with their feelings (just not before 10am on weekends), and I’

The Psychology of Everyday Life

Why do we remember the lyrics to a song we last heard five years ago, yet can't recall where we left our cell phone just this morning? How come we spend twenty minutes trying to find a good parking space only to spend five minutes in the store? If you have ever wondered why we act the way we do, these books may help you understand the rationale behind some of our strange ways.

Mysteries in History

AlienistI love to read historical mysteries.  I don't know if this began when I read Caleb Carr's The Alienist for the first time or with my discovery of Anne Perry's William Monk series, but the fascination hasn't dimmed.  Most people who read in this genre are attracted to a particular historical era and some of my favorite settings include Victorian England, post-World War I Europe, and Ancient Rome.  In just the World War I category are great authors like 

Vampiric Delectables in Graphic Novels Part 2: Manga

In last week's post, I highlighted graphic novels with vampire themes. This week, I chose a few series in our Manga collection that also deal with vampires and the supernatural.

If you are unfamiliar with manga, let me give you a brief 101. Manga originates from Japan and loosely means "comic book." Manga is very popular with teens and older children; however, adults can find entertainment with them as well. Unlike American comic books, manga is read from right to left. Most series will include a little illustration of how to the read pages as well as the order of cells.

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