Galveston Bound

Oleanders, the ocean, Mardi Gras, hurricanes and history: just some of the elements present in an assortment of titles set on the island of Galveston, Texas. Provided by the staff at the West University Branch Library.

Linda S. Bingham. Born on the Island: A Novel of Galveston
Three generations of Coolidge women and the men who love them: how they cope with the Great Storm of 1900, and the years following.
James Carlos Blake. Under the Skin: A Novel
Gambling, bootlegging, and other illicit pleasures made Galveston a hot town in the 1930s, and James Youngblood is in the thick of it, working as a ghost rider/enforcer for the island’s mob bosses.
Bill Crider. Murder Takes a Break: A Truman Smith Mystery
Reluctant Galveston p.i. Truman Smith investigates the disappearance of a student on spring break.
Mary Gardner. Boat People: A Novel
The struggles of a group of Vietnamese refugees who have moved to Galveston.
Geoffrey Leavenworth. Isle of Misfortune
A Galveston family living in a restored Victorian home finds their charmed life shattered when gunshot follows the sound of their front door bell ringing.
P. G. Nagle. Galveston
A novel about one of the most important conflicts in the Trans-Mississippi Civil War: the Battle of Galveston.
Mary Curtner Powell. Galveston Rose
A wealthy Galveston widow without descendants changes her will often, affecting the lives of her two closest male friends, one a boat captain/reformed thief, the other a young medical student.
Ron Rozelle. The Windows of Heaven: a Novel of Galveston's Great Storm of 1900
The horrors and heroes of the Great Storm come to life in this novel depicting what is still known as the worst natural disaster in U.S. history.
Sean Stewart. Galveston
Mardi Gras in Galveston collides with a magically realized future where the dancing never stops, and the revelers in attendance rarely return to the real world: an alternate history/fantasy novel.
Ashley Warlick. The Summer After June
When her older sister is murdered, Lindy Jain leaves her job, her fiancé and family, ending up in Galveston, where she hopes to start over.