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Book Hunters in Brief #82: Pluto!

Pluto was my favorite planet even before it was demoted to a planetoid by some heartless poindexter with an ax to grind. I mean, the ninth planet always seemed like my kind of place: cold and dark, with very little in the way of tourism and telemarketing. The fact that it is by all accounts completely devoid of Kardashians is, for me, just icing on that little ball of ice. Pluto's downgrade just solidified my affections. It's not often a person like me can relate to a heavenly body of any sort, but when Pluto was kicked off the team because it was too small, too slow, and not good-looking enough. I, like a lot of people, knew exactly how it felt.

Hercules and Greek Heroes visit Freeman Library on Wednesday, July 15 for one show only at 2:30 pm

The Greek hero Hercules stops at Freeman Library on Wednesday, July 15 for one show at 2:30 pm.  The Hampstead Stage Company, based out of New Hampshire, will be performing a play about Hercules and the other heroes of Greek mythology.  This program includes great scenery and costumes.   The program is recommended for children 5 years and older.

Tickets are required.  They are free and available starting at 2:00 pm.  Due to the popularity of this topic, we recommend that children and their adult arrive 15-20 minutes before the tickets are to be given out.  This program and many other programs this summer is supported by the generous donations oft the Friends of Freeman Library.

Summer Jobs

Summer is the perfect time to earn some extra cash, whether it's  the job of your dreams or a daily slog.
If you're working hard for your money or working hard for no money, a.k.a. the Summer Internship,
you'll find some solidarity with these summer job reads. Have the summer off? Get all of the experience with
none of the work!

The Demonata

The Demonata is a series written by popular YA author Darren Shan. The series ended with the publication of Hell’s Heroes in 2009, but for fans of horror who aren’t familiar with Darren Shan, he is a gift and this series is a great popcorn (quick and easy) read.


Shutter is the debut novel of author Courtney Alameda. If you ever played the cult video game hit Fatal Frame then this is the book you didn’t know that you were waiting for.