The Mythopoeic Award for Adult Literature

The Mythopoeic Awards are given annually to the fantasy novel that best exemplifies "the spirit of the Inklings."
Award Year Authors(s) Title
2012 Lisa Goldstein The Uncertain Places
2011 Karen Lord Redemption in Indigo Brilliant re-telling of a Senegalese folktale. The authorative yet tricksterish narrator tells the story of Paama, who flees her gluttonous husband and finds herself in possession of the power of Chaos.
2010 Jo Walton Lifelode
2009 Carol Berg Flesh and Spirit The rebellious son of a long line of pureblood cartographers and diviners, Valen has spent most of his life trying to escape what ordained for him. Offered sanctuary in a nearby monastery, Valen discovers that his book - rumored to lead men into the realm of angels - gains him entry into a world of secret societies, doomsayers, monks, princes, and madmen, all seeking to unlock the mystery of the coming dark age. Now, to preserve the lands of Navronne, Valen must face what he fled so long ago. For the key to Navronne's doom is buried in half-forgotten myth - and in the secrets of his own past ....
2008 Catherynne M. Valente The Orphan's Tales Secreted away in a garden, a lonely girl spins stories to warm a curious prince: peculiar feats and unspeakable fates that loop through each other and back again to meet in the tapestry of her voice. Inked on her eyelids, each twisting, tattooed tale is a piece in the puzzle of the girl’s own hidden history.
2007 Patricia A. McKillip Solstice Wood The World Fantasy Award-winning author of "Od Magic" makes a foray into the modern world with this contemporary fantasy about the tangled lives mortals lead when they turn their eyes from the beauty and mystery that lie just outside of the everyday.
2006 Neil Gaiman Anansi Boys Neil Gaiman now gives us a mythology for a modern age -- complete with dark prophecy, family dysfunction, mystical deceptions, and killer birds. Not to mention a lime.
2005 Susanna Clarke Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Sophisticated, witty, and ingeniously convincing, Clarke's magisterial novel weaves magic into a flawlessly detailed vision of historical England. She has created a world so thoroughly enchanting that it leaves readers longing for more.
2004 Robin McKinley Sunshine "Rae Seddon, nicknamed Sunshine, lives a quiet life working at her stepfather's bakery. One night, she goes out to the lake for some peace and quiet. Big mistake. She is set upon by vampires, who take her to an old mansion. They chain her to the wall and leave her with another vampire, who is also chained. But the vampire, Constantine, doesn't try to eat her. Instead, he implores her to tell him stories to keep them both sane." - Booklist
2003 Patricia A. McKillip Ombria in Shadow When Ombria's prince breathes his last, the struggle to rule the whole of the city--both its light and shadows--will rest in the hands of those whose fractured lives align like the lost pieces of a magical puzzle.
2002 Lois McMaster Bujold The Curse of Chalion Cazaril comes face-to-face with old enemies when he is offered the post of secretary to the Royesse Iselle, the beautiful, strong-willed sister to the heir of Chalion's throne. Yet something far more sinister threatens Cazaril: a curse that taints not only the royal family he serves, but also those within its circle.
2001 Midori Snyder The Innamorati
2000 Peter S. Beagle Tamsin Tamsin is a young woman who died over 300 years ago. Jennifer is a young American transplanted to England. They are two lonely souls on opposite sides of life and death--a boundary they are both about to cross.
1999 Neil Gaiman Stardust In the sleepy English countryside of decades past, a lovelorn young man stepsthrough a gap in a high stone wall, and into the most unforgettable adventureof his life.
1998 A.S. Byatt The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye
1997 Terri Windling The Wood Wife
1996 Elizabeth Hand Waking the Moon A college student discovers that every institution in the world is controlled by an evil clandestine order called the Benandanti. Now, after thousands of years of patriarchal rule, the time of the Benandanti is over. The vengeful Moon Goodess has awakened, and she wants her world back.
1995 Patricia A. McKillip Something Rich and Strange When a mysterious artist comes to Megan's and Jonah's seaside art shop, strange clues begin to appear in Megan's seascapes, Jonah is seduced into the sea, and Megan must find a way into the secret lands of the ocean.
1994 Delia Sherman The Porcelain Dove Berthe Duvet, chambermaid to a French duchess, narrates this tale of eighteenth-century Paris, describing the dazzling world of Marie Antoinette, Beaumarchais, and the Marquis de Sade, already living in the shadow of the guillotine.
1993 Jane Yolen Briar Rose Haunted by the tales of the Holocaust, a young American woman begins a search for her grandmother's World War II past.
1992 Eleanor Arnason A Woman of the Iron People Li Lixia is one of eight field anthropologists set down on Sigma Draconis II after the first starship from Earth detects pre-industrial intelligent life there. She experiences several of the cultures of the humanoid people of the planet as she travels with Nia, a female exile of the Iron People.
1991 Ellen Kushner Thomas the Rhymer Abducted by the Queen of Elfland, True Thomas, the brilliant Rhymer, lives unaging with her in Faerie's inhuman splendor. Finally, Thomas is returned to the world of work and passing time, with only his harp and the Queen's parting gift: the inability to speak anything but the truth.
1990 Tim Powers The Stress of Her Regard
1988 Orson Scott Card Seventh Son Using the lore and folk magic of the men and women who helped settle a continent and the beliefs of the tribes who were here before them, Orson Scott Card has created an alternate frontier America where folk magic works, and has colored the entire history of the colonies. It is into this world, amid the deep wood where the Red Man still holds sway, that a very special child is born...
1987 Peter S. Beagle The Folk of the Air
1986 Barry Hughart Bridge of Birds
1985 Jane Yolen Cards of Grief
1984 Joy Chant When Vioha Wakes
1983 Carol Kendall The Firelings
1982 John Crowley Little, Big Little, Big tells the epic story of Smoky Barnable -- an anonymous young man who meets and falls in love with Daily Alice Drinkwater, and goes to live with her in Edgewood, a place not found on any map. In an impossible mansion full of her relatives, who all seem to have ties to another world not far away, Smoky fathers a family and tries to learn what tale he has found himself in -- and how it is to end.
1981 J.R.R. Tolkien Unfinished Tales An extraordinary discovery is waiting for you on these pages. Mythic lore and forgotten legends unearthed by Christopher Tolkien from his father's archives unveil never-before-told stories of the three ages of ancient Middle-earth.
1976 - 1980 No Award Given
1975 Poul Anderson A Midsummer Tempest
1974 Mary Stewart The Hollow Hills A magnificent tale realized by premier novelist, Mary Stewart, here is the spellbinding, suspenseful story of how Merlin, the Enchanter, helped Arthur become king of all Britain, in an extraordinary story that brings the legend Merlin and his protege Arthur to glowing life.
1973 Evangeline Walton The Song of Rhiannon
1972 Joy Chant Red Moon and Black Mountain
1971 Mary Stewart The Crystal Cave Born the bastard son of a Welsh princess, Myridden Emrys -- or as he would later be known, Merlin -- leads a perilous childhood, haunted by portents and visions. But destiny has great plans for this no-man's-son, taking him from prophesying before the High King Vortigern to the crowning of Uther Pendragon . . . and the conception of Arthur -- king for once and always.