Native American Novels and Short Stories

Provided by the staff at the West University Branch Library.

Sherman Alexie. Ten Little Indians: Stories
The less-than-perfect lives of Native Americans living in and around Seattle.
Michael Dorris. A Yellow Raft in Blue Water
A teenager of mixed ancestry is abandoned by her mother, and comes to live with her grandmother on a reservation in Montana.
Louise Erdrich. The Bingo Palace
Summoned by his grandmother, a young man returns to his North Dakota Chippewa reservation and falls in love for the first time.
Diane Glancy. Pushing the Bear: A Novel of the Trail of Tears
In 1838, a Cherokee woman and her family are torn from their settled life in North Carolina to walk the Trail of Tears.
Linda Hogan. Mean Spirit
Fraud and murder follow the discovery of oil on Indian land in Oklahoma.
Thomas King. Truth and Bright Water
One summer in the lives of two Native American cousins who live in sister towns on either side of the U.S.-Canadian border.
Mardi O. Medawar. Murder on the Red Cliff Rez
A Chippewa tribal lawyer is found shot to death.
Natachee Scott Momaday. House Made of Dawn
The odyssey of former Army soldier Abel, a Jemez Pueblo Indian. Winner of the 1969 Pulitzer Prize.
Louis Owens. Nightland
Two lifelong friends of half-Cherokee descent find a corpse and a suitcase containing nearly a million dollars.
Susan Power. The Grass Dancer
Powerful, interconnected stories of life on a Sioux Indian reservation.
Leslie Silko. Gardens in the Dunes
A magnus opus detailing the lives of Indigo and Sister Salt, members of the diminishing Sand Lizard tribe.
James Welch. Fools Crow
In 1870, in northwestern Montana, a young man becomes a warrior and medicine man.