Recently Added Favorite!

I’m so excited because we’ve just added books from one of my favorite authors, Penny Reid, to the library’s collection.  Penny wrote her first book,

New Adult Fiction

I just finished a new adult book called Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine.  What is new adult you ask?  The somewhat controversial “n

The Paranormal Way

Would you like to take a trip to another place or time?  How about spending some time in an alternate universe?  Do you believe that there really are such things as vampires and shifters?  Do angels and demons really walk among us?  Maybe it's time to take a little walk on the paranormal side.  



When Irish Eyes Are Smiling...

Jewels of the SunSince yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it would be fun to create a list of romances either set in Ireland or featuring Irish characters.  No one can deny the beauty and magic of the country, or the attractiveness of the accent.  Still feeling Irish?  Find a historical or contemporary Irish romance to read!


Make Me Laugh

 With the cold and dreary weather it is always nice to have something to lift your spirits.  What's better  than  reading a romance novel that tickles the funny bone?

Book Hunters in Brief #61: Fifty Shades of Grey

Ask ten random people what love is and you'll get some long awkward pauses before you get ten different answers. That is probably why so many of us spend so much of our lives looking for it. How are we supposed to find something when we can't say exactly what it is? It's like telling someone who has never seen a hippopotamus to find one in a pitch dark walk-in closet. He's going to bump into it quite a few times before he figures out that the big, smelly thing is what he's been looking for.

My Favorites of 2014

bookHappy New Year! 2014 has come and gone, and it was a stellar year for romance. Since I love best of lists, I decided to contribute my own list of the 10 best romances I read in 2014.  Some are new titles by authors I love, some titles are from new authors and some are from authors new to me.  What were your favorite books of 2014?


It Is Time For A Change!

 As this year winds down and a new bright and shiny one approaches, it is time to start thinking about a change.  Why not make it a point to try something new in 2015?  Why not try a new type of romance?  Do you usually only read romantic suspense or maybe only humorous romances?  I have just the right tool to help you branch out.  NoveList Plus.  This is a wonderful database

Best of 2014

Shield of WinterThe end of the year is upon us, and that means annual best of lists are being released.  Although Publishers Weekly’s list was interesting, my favorite list (like Linda before me, as she wrote in this blog

Looking for Something a Little on the Spooky Side?


It is that time of year when we look for the spooky, the abnormal, the things that will frighten us and go bump in the night.  I put together a list to help you get into the Halloween spirit.  What scary romance novels are your favorites?



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