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Find Your Favorite Romances at NoveList Plus

 I am always looking for good resources for finding new authors or titles to read.  One resource I return to time and time again is NoveList Plus   NoveList Plus is one of the databases available through the library’s website.  It is fantastic.  You can look up your favorite author and get a list of their titles, even find the titles and order of a series.    There is a link for Romance if you just want to browse.  If you have a favorite author you can do a search for them and find read-alikes.

Who is Your Favorite Romantic Couple?

There are many iconic romantic couples in literature. Their stories might not end happily, but they stay with you after you read them. Who is your favorite couple?

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New Romance and Chick Lit Reads for Teens

Heart of Light by Manu_HWith Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of our newer romances and chick lit.  What are your favorite romantic reads?





Get Your Kristen Ashley Fix at the Library

I am totally thrilled that we now have Kristen Ashley in our catalog!!!!  She is my very favorite author.  I have read everything she has written at least twice and a couple of them more than that!  Ms Ashley writes contemporary romances that are fast-paced, witty,  pretty darn steamy and extremely addicting.   All of her characters you either identify with or you want to be with.   We have six of her delectable offerings in our eBook collection on OverDrive.  Once you read these you will be searching for the rest of her works.  To find more information about Kristen Ashely and her works check out her website at  I am totally a Rock Chick are you? Let me know what you think.

Best Reads of 2013

Open booksSince one of my favorite things to do at the end of one year and the beginning of the next is read best of lists, I decided to contribute my own list of the 10 best romances I read in 2013.  Some were new novels by my favorite romance authors, and some were by authors new to me that I will be reading more of in the future.  They cover a wide variety of sub-genres in romance including, for the first time, new adult, and novels with strong romantic elements.  What was your favorite romance of 2013?

I Heart Historical Romance Series

sweet revengeI know it is more fashionable in the romance genre right now to be reading about billionaires in dire need of therapy, but my personal favorites have always been the historicals.  Recently, I've discovered two series in particular that have really kept my Kindle clicking.

Elizabeth Hoyt's Maiden Lane Series

What do you do when you are in a reading slump?

 In my life I usually have multiple books going, with several stacks waiting.  Though every once in a while I find myself at a loss for what to read next.  There are those rare times when none of my usual suspects have written anything new and I am in need of a fix.  I now have a plan…..OverDrive.   If you are an eBook or eAudio book reader/listener there is an easy way to find something new.

Sparkling Holiday Romances

Christmas ornamentsIt seems like every year the holiday season starts just a bit earlier.  Christmas trees go up, holiday music playing in all the stores, and the shopping season starts practically before Thanksgiving.  With the early start, getting into the spirit of the season can be difficult.  If this is the case, why not try a holiday romance?  No matter the type of romance you prefer, holiday books are available for your enjoyment.  Check out a book today!

All the titles listed were released this year, so if you like holiday romances you’re sure to find something to read.  Enjoy and happy holidays!

Delightful Romantic Comedy

rosie projectNormally, I write about books that live strictly in the romance genre and about topics more than specific titles.  I recently finished one that is making me break out of my rut and post a review of a book that is more fiction than romance -- The Rosie Project by Graeme C. Simsion.  Imagine the character of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory was Australian and actually someone interested in finding a wife. Then set him in a romantic comedy worthy of Richard Curtis.  I found this book to be that funny and cinematic -- I think it is actually already optioned to become a film.

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