Sailing the Iron Seas

rivetedWhile I'm waiting in line for a copy of Riveted by Meljean Brook, I decided to re-read the first two full length books in the Iron Seas series, The Iron Duke and Heart of Steel.  This created a spectacular episode of binge reading.  I discovered that, in addition to the two titles mentioned, there are several novellas set in this incredibly imaginative world, where the reader will experience recognizable bits of history and Europe paired with airships and zombies and people made up of fantastic mechanical bits.  Of course, I had to read those, too.

Me, Myself and I

All I Ever WantedI have always enjoyed first person romances, ever since reading Jane Eyre many years ago.  Although they do have their drawbacks, namely that you follow only one character through the whole novel, they give great insight into the mind of the main character.  Though still fairly unusual in historical romance, a host of new contemporary romance titles written in first person have popped up over the last few years.  What was once rare is now downright trendy!  What are your favorite first-person novels?


 I just finished the audio book Prey by Linda Howard.  It was fantastic!  I always listen to a book in my  car and this one was so good I could not wait to get back in my car to hear what was going to happen next.  I found myself thinking about the story and the characters all day long.  It was one of those stories that you find yourself rushing through so you can find out what happens next then you are bummed because it is over too soon.  I just love a really good romantic suspense story, and Linda Howard never lets me down.  Here are a few more choices

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

serendipityI knew very early on that I was destined to be a city girl.  I tend to wilt outdoors, I prefer food that isn't cooked by me, and I really like movies that need subtitled translations.  Or maybe it's just that I prefer to remain anonymous when I visit the 7-11 in my pajama pants.  No matter the reason, in contrast to my everyday life, I can't get enough of small towns and villages in fiction.  They provide a warm and cozy vacation to a place with a personality of its own, complete with a variety of colorful characters that form an extended fictional family.  Judging by the popularity of many of these books, I am not alone.

Sister (or Brother) Act

Simply IrresistibleI’ve just finished the first three books in Jill Shalvis’s Lucky Harbor series, which focuses on three sisters opening an inn left to them by their mother in the small town of Lucky Harbor, Washington.  Romance series seem to frequently focus on siblings, with each sibling having their own book.   One of my first experiences with this common phenomenon was the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn, which spanned 8(!) books. These kinds of series are a great way to introduce the future heroines and heroes of romances, and leave the reader anticipating every new title. Although you would think that it would be expensive for the family to have so many weddings so close together.

Fly Me To The Moon......or Scotland, or Egypt, or Russia

 One of the many things that I love about reading is getting to go on a trip to a new location.  You can go any place or time. If it is a time travel book you really get a good deal!  I especially love stories set anywhere on the water.    I don’t’ even care what body of water it is. Where do you like to travel to?   Check out some of these authors and the places they like to go.

Everything Old is New Again

sunny chandler's returnWith eBooks, that is, not age -- unfortunately.  One benefit I am taking advantage of from the eBook phenomenon is the discovery (or rediscovery, sometimes) of older titles by authors I really enjoy.  Whether it's through their normal publisher, a digital publisher, or self-publishing, many popular authors are now making previously hard-to-find backlist titles available to the eBook crowd. 

What Are Your Romance Novel Pet Peeves?

I love romances, but I have a few pet peeves (like character names) that can cause me to stop reading a book I might otherwise enjoy.  What are your pet peeves?    

unrealistic characters
38% (10 votes)
unusual character names
38% (10 votes)
historical inaccuraccies
35% (9 votes)
love triangles
23% (6 votes)
23% (6 votes)
other - tell us your pet peeve in the comment section
0% (0 votes)
Total voters: 26

The Raines of Wind Canyon

 Kat Martin has been a favorite of mine for a long time. The Raines of Wind Canyon is a terrific series of romantic suspense stories plus  they are pretty steamy at times.  I really like her writing style, she is easy to read and her stories pull me in from the start.  Everything flows really well.  I like spending my time with her characters, and I miss them when they’re gone.  Against the Edge, the newest in this series, will be released at the end of April. It does not disappoint.  Ben and Claire are on the hunt for Ben’s child Sam, who has been abducted by some not-so-nice guys. The twists and turns and ups and downs make for another fun ride.  You have time to catch up on other titles in this series while you wait.

Who's Your Book Boyfriend?

shadowfeverI was talking with a friend the other day, and I'm not really sure how this came up, but she said that Jericho Barrons would always be her imaginary boyfriend.  I'm sure her real husband doesn't have a problem with that.  It would be a rare woman who did not think that Barrons was uniquely appealing, but I find that I am a much more fickle reader.

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