Texas Historical Fiction

Relive the history of the Lone Star state through tales of the revolution, the Alamo, and the struggle of the old west.

James Lee Burke. Two for Texas
Two for Texas is a rip-roaring historical novel about the Texas Revolution of 1835. No reader of Burke's bestselling Dave Robicheaux detective novels will want to miss this marvelous work that pre-dates his success.
Cindy Bonner. Lily
About a good girl who falls so in love with a bad boy that she forsakes everything to ride with him - outlaw and fugitive that he is. Lily DeLony, fifteen, tells her very one-sided version of what happened on Christmas Eve night 1883 in the town of McDade, Texas, when a vigilante group made up of ordinary citizens struck against a gang of outlaws.
Cindy Bonner. Looking After Lily
Haywood Beatty and his brother Marion have survived the famous Christmas 1883 shootout between the Beatty Boys' Gang and the McDade vigilantes. Both Beattys are jailed in Bastrop where Lily, Marion's very pregnant young wife, waits for the outcome of their trials.
Anita R. Bunkley. Black Gold
In the 1920s, two African-American Texas families become intertwined in a murderous tapestry of history, love, obsession, and revenge.

Elizabeth Crook. The Raven's Bride
Details the abrupt dissolution of Sam Houston's 11-week marriage to Eliza Allen in 1829, an event that caused lingering scandal and speculation.
Randy Lee Eickhoff. Bowie
An ultimate chronicle of the life of American legend Jim Bowie, who died at the Alamo. The voices of those who knew the frontiersman and his feisty compatriots are brought to life in this vivid series of narratives.
Edna Ferber. Giant
Edna Ferber's classic story of a Texas family's rise to the pinnacle of society in the early days of oil wildcatting.
Reginald Gibbons. Sweetbitter
Takes place in east Texas in 1910 during the time of white rule-not by law but by lynch mob. Amid the suffocating racism and fear, half-Choctaw, half-white Reuben Sweetbitter and Martha Clarke, a white woman, fall in love.
Stephen Harrigan. The Gates of the Alamo
This full-scale novel about the siege and fall of the Alamo weaves in a love story between an American naturalist and a widow innkeeper who, along with her 16-year-old son, get swept up in the harrowing events of the heroic battle.
Tina Juárez. Call No Man MASTER
This intricately crafted historical novel traces the exploits of Carmen Rangel, a young woman of mixed heritage, and her participation in the events that lead to Mexico's independence from Spain. After the ideals of the Revolution are betrayed, Carmen takes up arms for Texas independence from Mexico.
Elmer Kelton. The Buckskin Line
From a six-time Spur Award winner comes the story of a Texas Ranger who carries heavy burdens. The father and brother of the woman he loves have been lynched, and he is fated to meet the Comanche warrior whose band killed his family.
Elithe Hamilton Kirkland. Love is a Wild Assault
This book is based on the actual memoirs of Harriet Potter Ames - her struggles in the early days of the Texas Republic.
Preston Lewis writing as: Will Camp. Blood of Texas
Rubio Portillo is a Mexican living in San Antonio in 1835, but he despises the heartless rule of the Mexican government. Portillo loses everything to join Sam Houston's army in the battle for freedom. He fights for his place among the men and for his new country. Portillo knows that victory is the important goal, but rebuilding will take all his strength and dedication.
Jeff Long. Empire of Bones: A Novel of Sam Houston and the Texas Revolution
A compelling fictional account of the battle and the man that changed the history of Texas. A novel of Sam Houston and the Texas Revolution.
Max Martinez. Schoolland
Struggles with nature and society form the backdrop for the eternal tale of a child coming of age as his grandfather is waning during the year of a great drought in rural Texas during the 1930s.
Cormac McCarthy. All the Pretty Horses
Tells the story of John Grady Cole who, at 16, finds himself at the dying end of a long line of Texas ranchers, cut off from the only life he has ever imagined for himself.
James Michener. The Eagle and the Raven
This historical narrative recalls one of the most exciting periods of Texas history in its contrast of two charismatic men, Santa Anna and Houston.
James Michener. Texas
In this magnificent historical novel, Michener masterfully combines fact and fiction to present the richest, most expansive, and most diversified state. Spanning four-and-a-half centuries, this monumental novel charts the epic history of the state of Texas, from its Spanish roots in the age of the conquistadors to its modern-day American character, shaped by oil and industry
Suzanne Morris - Galveston
A powerful and absorbing story of three women whose lives shaped-and were inevitably shaped by-the success and failure of a city; a story that strangely parallels the intriguing history of this island of lost dreams.
Steven Saylor - A Twist at the End: A Novel Of O. Henry
In an invigorating departure from his internationally popular Roma Sub Rosa mystery series, Saylor delivers an enthralling, Texas-based historical thriller set in 1885--a novel based on real events and characters, including the famous writer known as O. Henry.
Janice Woods Windle - True Women
Three generations of strong-willed women populate this intriguing novel--acclaimed as a Texas Roots--based on stories of the author's ancestors. From the Alamo through World War II and beyond, here are the women of Seguin, Texas.
Jane Roberts Wood - The Train to Estelline
These novels are known as the Lucy Richards trilogy in honor of their central character. Spanning the years from 1911 to 1931, the story follows Lucy's life as a young school teacher in west Texas through marriage, childbirth, and the Great Depression.
Donald Worcester. Gone to Texas
In 1800, 17-year-old Ellis Bean leaves Tennessee to join a group headed for Texas, supposedly to hunt mustangs. From the time of his capture by Spanish soldiers onward, Ellis is deeply involved in the tumultuous history of Texas and Mexico.