Texas Mysteries: Wrangle Up a Good Read

Jeff Abbott. Black Jack Point
The missing friends of Texas judge Whit Mosley are found at Black Jack Point--dead and buried along with bones and relics. When Whit opens an inquest into the murders, he's plunged into a shadowy world of ruthless treasure hunters, double-crossing tycoons, and money-hungry sharks all chasing a long-lost fortune in emeralds and gold.


Distant Blood
Do Unto Others
A Kiss Gone Bad
The Only Good Yankee
Promises of Home
Richard Abshire. Turnaround Jack
Private eye/narrator Jack Kyle ( Dallas Drop ) is hired by rich, mysterious Cypriot Guy Borodin to follow and photograph his much younger wife, Sylvia.
Susan Wittig Albert. Thyme of Death
Eager to open up an herb shop and get closer to the earth, China Bayles leaves behind her career in corporate law and moves to Pecan Springs, Texas, but a close friend's tragic death could end her happy plans.


Witches' Bane
Hangman's Root
Rosemary Remembered
Rueful Death

Love Lies Bleeding

Chile Death

Lavender Lies

Mistletoe Man

Indigo Dying
Rex Anderson. My Dead Brother
In this offbeat mystery set in Houston, protagonist Mel Morris, moderately successful science fiction novelist and unhappy divorce, is informed by police Lt. Bob Gould that the man convicted of killing his brother Gene three years earlier will soon be released from prison, his alibi having been proven true. Despite Gould's assurances that the case is closed, Morris is now the prime suspect.
Jo Bannister. Unlawful Entry
For Annie, a Welsh schoolteacher, it's good news and bad. The good news: she has a half-brother she's never met. The bad: he's just died, along with six other people, in the back of a truck in Texas after illegally crossing the Mexico-U.S. border. When Annie learns her half-brother was a federal agent investigating organizations transporting illegal aliens into the States, she determines to find the people responsible for his death.
Nevada Barr. Track of the Cat
Fleeing New York to find refuge as a ranger in the remote backcountry of West Texas, Anna Pigeon stumbles into a web of violence and murder when fellow park ranger Sheila Drury is mysteriously killed and another ranger vanishes.
Neal Barrett. Dead Dog Blues
Smalltown Texas is the setting for a fast paced mystery in which a barking dead dog is wired up at full volume, and it is local hero Jack Track's job to discover why--before anyone else dies.


Skinny Annie Blues
Nancy Bell. Biggie and the Poisoned Politician
Mrs. Fiona "Biggie" Wooten Weatherford is well known for landing five-pound catfish, mowing down mailboxes when she drives, and owning half the county. Now she's mobilizing the local ladies against City Hall's new garbage dump, right next to the graveyard of their forefathers. But when the mayor himself drops facedown in his angel food cake, Biggie smells something worse than a garbage dump.


Biggie and the Mangled Mortician
Biggie and the Fricasseed Fat Man
Biggie and the Meddlesome Mailman
Biggie and the Quincy Ghost
Biggie and the Devil Diet
Mike Blakely. Summer of Pearls
Ben Crowell remembers the Great Caddo Lake Pearl Rush of 1874. He was fourteen that year, and his home, the riverboat community of Port Caddo, was dying. By the end of the summer, the pearl boom was over, Port Caddo was doomed, and the mystery over who killed Judd Kelso began.
Paula Boyd. Hot Enough to Kill
The mayor's dead, your mother's in jail, and you'd rather be anywhere but Kickapoo, Texas. Welcome to Jolene Jackson's world.
Dead Man Falls
Alistair Boyle. What Now, King Lear?
When an obscenely wealthy entrepreneur is murdered, contingency P.I. Gil Yates is called. The prime suspects: the victim's three daughters and their husbands, with the division of a billion dollars at stake.
Billy Lee Brammer. The Gay Place: Being Three Related Novels
Set in Texas, The Gay Place consists of three interlocking novels, each with a different protagonist - a member of the state legislature, the state's junior senator, and the governor's press secretary. The governor himself, Arthur Fenstemaker, a master politician, infinitely canny and seductive, remains the dominant figure throughout.
Jay Brandon. Angel of Death
To the African-American community in San Antonio, Malachi Reese is a saint, a community leader, a man who feeds the hungry and houses the homeless. To San Antonio District Attorney Chris Sinclair, he is the Angel of Death - a vicious killer possessed by the need for power and willing to do whatever it takes to gain it.
Predator's Waltz
Anita Richmond Bunkley. Mirrored Life
The author of "Girlfriends" brings her unique voice to a tale of a woman struggling to move beyond her past--a contemporary work of second chances and unfulfilled dreams.
James Lee Burke. The Lost Get-Back Boogie
The book that jump-started Burke's career, this novel chronicles the turbulent story of Iry Paret, a young Louisiana blues musician.


Cimarron Rose


The Convict
Sally Chapman. Hardwired
When Margo Miller, a NASA public relations specialist dressed in a seven-hundred-dollar suit, appears at Data9000 to hire Julie and her partner Vic Paoli, the two investigators leap at the chance to solve an easy case and meet real astronauts at the same time.
Lee Child. Killing Floor
From its chilling opening page, you know all is not well in Margrave, Georgia. The sleepy, forgotten town hasn't seen a crime in decades, but within the span of three days it witnesses events that leave everyone stunned.


Die Trying
Running Blind
Echo Burning
Without Fail
Ann Cleeves. High Island Blues
During a gathering of birdwatchers for the annual avian migration on the Texas coast, birder-investigator George Palmer-Jones goes into action when an Englishman is accused of the murder of a close friend.
Christopher Cook. Robbers
This brilliant and tough debut novel follows Eddie and Ray Bob, one a sociopath and the other a talented blues guitarist, and the Texas Ranger who pursues them. As the two losers wind their way across Texas, robbing and killing with no long-range plans, readers will be able to smell the magnolias and taste the dust.
Susan Rogers Cooper. One, Two, What Did Daddy Do?
Refusing to believe that Roy Lester, the devoted head of the neighboring Lester family, is responsible for the family members' recent murders, housewife and romance novelist E. J. Pugh does some investigating.


Don't Drink the Water
Funny as a Dead Relative
Houston in the Rearview Mirror
Bill Crider. One Dead Dean
Carl Burns Series. Set in a fictitious private liberal arts college in Texas.


Dying Voices

...A Dangerous Thing

Dan Rhodes Series:

Too Late to Die

Shotgun Saturday Night

Cursed to Death

Death on the Move

Evil at the Root

Booked for a Hanging

Murder Most Fowl

Winning Can Be Murder

Death by Accident

The Ghost of Chance

A Romanic Way to Die

Dr. Sally Good series:

Murder is an Art
Knife in the Back

Truman Smith Series:

Dead on the Island

Gator Kill

When Old Men Die

Prairie Chicken Kill

Murder Takes a Break

Other Books:

Blood Marks

The Nighttime is the Right Time
The Texas Capitol Murders
Athol Dickson. Whom Shall I Fear?
Garrison Reed's troubles are just beginning when he finds his ex-partner, and ex-best friend, dead in the lake at the end of a fish stringer--and beomes the prime suspect in the murder. But who did it? And why? This is a well-written Southern gothic murder mystery that ends with not only justice but also redemption.
Every Hidden Thing
Margot Fraser. The Laying out of Gussie Hoot
A murder mystery/comedy of manners set in Texas ranch country.
Kinky Friedman. Armadillos and Old Lace
Hoping to escape New York City violence by taking a break in Texas, Jewish country-western singer and amateur detective Kinky Friedman is asked by a local justice of the peace to solve the murders of four senior citizens.
Mary Gardner. Boat People
This novel focuses on Galveston, Texas, and a community of newly arrived Vietnamese. Struggling to maintain a balance between Vietnam and America, they live with one foot in each world.
Jan Grape. Austin City Blue
When Austin police officer Zoe Barrow fatally shoots twenty-five-year-old Jesse Garcia during a standoff, Internal Affairs has some hard questions -- because the dead perp also happens to be the guy who put a bullet in Zoe's husband and left him a vegetable. Assigned to desk duty until she's cleared of any vendetta, Zoe tries to piece together a series of strange and violent new twists that will make or break her career.
A.W. Gray. Bino
The first book of the Bino Phillips series.  Crusader Congressman Richard Bigelow disturbs the underworld of Texas politics and organized crime.  Fearing they will be exposed the politicians and crime bosses have him killed. Tough criminal lawyer Bino Phillips (short for albino) gets involved because his client, small time hood Sonny Starr, is a witness to the crime who is also killed.
In Defense of Judges
Bino's Blues
Chloe Green. Going Out in Style
Dallas O'Connor is the fashion stylist for Texas's finest retail establishment, The Store. In her debut case, the savvy Dallas discovers in the backstabbing business of fashion, jealousy and revenge are suddenly in vogue.
Carolyn G. Hart. Death on the River Walk
San Antonio's famous River Walk is the setting for this fifth installment in the Henrie O mystery series. The ex-reporter's search for her friend's missing granddaughter takes her to the Tesoros Gallery on the River Walk, where the granddaughter was employed. Henrie O discovers that amidst the exquisite objects in the prestigious gallery is hidden a dark secret that she must uncover if she is to find the missing girl.
Tim Hemlin. A Whisper of Rage
After witnessing the near-fatal shooting of a legendary private investigator, graduate student Neil Marshall is drawn into a whirlwind of violence that takes him to the bedside of a fascinating woman.
Dead Man's Broth
Rolando Hinojosa. Ask a Policeman
When drug-related slayings begin occurring practically in his own back yard, Rafe Buenrostro leads a corps of bicultural sleuths in piercing the intrigue of a crime family apparently at war with itself.
Dan Jenkins. Fast Copy
Betsy Throckmorton is the armadillo-tough daughter of the richest man in Claybelle, Texas. She traded the fast lane of New York journalism for Daddy's newspaper, the Claybelle Times-Standard, and intends to whip it into more than a garden club newsletter. But she'll have to whip a lot more than that to do it! Martin's.
Sharon Kahn. Fax Me a Bagel
Follow the bagel crumbs as this savvy, heartwarming new series welcomes an enchanting sleuth: Ruby, the rabbi's wife--a 46-year-old widow who dodges a cunning killer, from her favorite bakery in Eternal, Texas, to the Lower East Side of New York City.


Never Nosh a Matzo Ball

Don't Cry for Me, Hot Pastrami

Hold the Cream Cheese, Kill the Lox

Joe R. Lansdale. Freezer Burn
Hideously disfigured during a bungled firecracker stand hold-up, Bill joins a traveling freak show to evade police. He doesn't stand out too much among the dogmen, bearded women, hermaphrodites, and the mysterious frozen man whose sinister aura seems to link them all.

Hap and Leonard series:

Mucho Mojo

The Two-Bear Mambo

Bad Chili

Captains Outrageous

Other books:

The Bottoms
A Fine Dark Line
John Lantigua. Twister
In Paradise, Texas, a tornado roars through town leaving attorney Jack Eames buried in his house.  Journalist Edward Thomas, investigating the attack on another lawyer, finds that Eames was shot - possibly by his former lover.
David L. Lindsey. An Absence of Light
An investigator for Houston's Police Department is found dead, an apparent suicide. But Marcus Graver hires an outsider to investigate.

Stuart Haydon series:

A Cold Mind

Heat from Another Sun


Other Books:

The Color of Night
Requiem for a Glass Heart
Allana Martin. Death of a Healing Woman
Texana Jones owns and operates a trading post in a remote region of the Chihuahuan desert along the Rio Grande . On El Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, she is delivering supplies to reclusive Rhea Fair, a curandera, or healing woman, and finds her dead. When the sheriff blames the death on the random violence of drug smugglers, Texana refuses to accept the explanation, particularly since the violent deaths of two close friends six months earlier were attributed to the same vague motivation


Death of a Saint Maker

Death of an Evangelista

Death of a Myth Maker

Death of the Last Villista

Death of the River Master

Lee Martin. Too Sane a Murder
Deb Ralston is an average police-mom trying to solve a murder case with almost no evidence.


A Conspiracy of Strangers

Hal's Own Murder Case

Deficit Ending
The Mensa Murders
The Day That Dusty Died

Inherited Murder

Bird in a cage

Genealogy of Murder
Edward Mathis. Another Path, Another Dragon
Texas private eye Dan Roman (From a High Place, et al.) is called to a small East Texas town by police chief Ward Bannion, an old buddy from Vietnam.


The Burned Woman
The Fifth Level
Out of the Shadows
September Song
Susan McBride. And Then She Was Gone
Set in the suburbs of Dallas, the story is about the disappearance of a child and the efforts of Detective Maggie Ryan's to solve the perplexing case.


D.R. Meredith. Sheriff and the Branding Iron Murders
When an artist is murdered, Sheriff Charles Matthews must solve the mystery of a missing crucifix--and make himself a target for the killer.
A.G. Mojtabai. Called Out
The crash of a passenger jet in an isolated Texas town has a profound impact on the lives of survivors, townspeople, and the relatives of the deceased.


Ordinary Time
Walter Mosley. Gone Fishin'
Everything Easy Rawlins and Mouse Alexander ever knew about friendship, and themselves, comes apart at the seams when they enter a steamy bayou world of voodoo, sex, revenge, and death.
David F. Nighbert. Strikezone
William "Bull" Cochran's minor league career came to a stop when he killed a batter with a wild pitch.  He now owns a moving company in Galveston, TX with his partner Juice.  When Juice is killed, Cochran decides to snoop on his own with mixed results.
Ben Rehder. Buck Fever
It's the beginning of a crazy weekend in Blanco County as deer hunting season gets underway--and already a man in a deer suit has been shot. A sidesplittingly funny debut that does for Texas what Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey have done for Florida.
Clay Reynolds. Agatite
Agatite, Texas is a sleepy Dust Bowl community of 3000 friendly people, with nothing to distinguish it from hundreds of other small towns, until the discovery of a dead body hanged in an abandoned outhouse sets into motion a series of events that alters the town forever.
Rick Riordan. Big Red Tequila
Ten years ago, Jackson "Tres" Navarre left San Antonio and the memory of his father's murder behind. Now he's back, looking for answers, but all he finds is mob-style corruption and local politicians out to ruin his homecoming. When his girlfriend turns up missing, Tres must act fast to rescue her, nail his Dad's killer--then save his own hide!


The Widower's Two-Step
The Last King of Texas
Devil Went Down to Austin
J.R. Ripley. Lost in Austin
In the third book in the mystery series, musician Tony Kozol lands a dream gig for one of the hottest county acts going, CLint Cash and the Cowhands. Against the colorful background of Austin Tx and the Southwest Music Conference, Tony's bandmates are singled out for murder and in his humorous tongue and cheek style Kozol hooks up with new sidekick, Rock Bootom, to save himself and his music career.
Chris Rogers. Bitch Factor
After ten years in the Houston's D.A.'s office, watching the guilty get off on technicalities, Dixie Flannigan decides to embrace a more hands-on style of justice: she become a bounty hunter. Tracking an accused child-killer to North Dakota, Dixie finds herself facing not only a blizzard, but also suspicions that the man is really innocent.
Rage Factor
Chill Factor
Carolyn Rogers. Home is Where the Murder is
San Antonio policewoman, Rachael Grant is shot in the leg and returns home to Saddle Gap, Texas to recuperate and rest. When her grandfather sells his guest ranch that is at the heart of the town, violent murders begin to occur and Rachael is drawn into the investigation.
Jim Sanderson. El Camino Del Rio
Presidio, Texas is hard country and hardship duty for U.S. Border Patrol officer Dolph Martinez. When circling buzzards lead him to a corpse in Red Wing boots with a .22 bullet hole in an expensive haircut, Dolph realizes this is no ordinary norteo trying to cross the deserted border from Mexico.


La Mordida
Aileen Schumacher. Framework for Death
The Underground Railroad is active again, but this time it's been set up by terrified mothers and fathers to spirit their endangered children away from the other threatening parent. When one mother's flight goes haywire, David Alvarez is called in to investigate--putting him in touch with a past love, engineer Tory Travers.
Paullina Simons. Eleven Hours
When a young, pregnant woman is abducted from a shopping mall in Dallas, a terrifying ordeal begins--an unforgettable journey marked by fear, brutality, and the ultimate murder of two men.
Anne Sloan. Murder on the Boulevard
Mystery set in Houston Heights, pre-WWI. Female suffragist and amateur sleuth encounters murder involving construction of The Rice Hotel.
Barbara Burnett Smith. Dust Devils of the Purple Sage
An aspiring writer and amateur sleuth, Texan Jolie Wyatt plumbs the connection between an escaped prisoner working his way back to his hometown of Purple Sage and the death of a popular college student.


Celebration in Purple Sage
Mistletoe From Purple Sage
Skeletons in Purple Sage
Mary-Ann Tirone Smith. Love Her Madly
A tense death-row drama kicks off a winning new series featuring brash FBI investigator Poppy Rice. Funny and fearless, Poppy is just about unstoppable as she reopens an investigation of a woman convicted of being an ax-murderer.
Karen H. Stuyck. Cry for Help
Suffering the most difficult year of her life, Liz James finds the clincher in her journalist best friend's inexplicable suicide, but when she steps in to help, Liz learns about the sensitive article on which Caroline had been working at the time of her death.
Held Accountable
Jesse Sublett. Rock Critic Murders
Martin Fender, bass guitar player and part-time collection agency employee, may stage a comback with his band True Love in Austin, TX.  The death of the lead guitarist sends Fender on the trail of sleazy money in the music business.
Tough Baby
Doug J. Swanson. Dreamboat
Jack Flippo, the hero of Big Town, is now a ""recovering deadbeat"" investigating an insurance scam with an attractive barkeep and facing jack-in-the-box corpses, an attack with an Elvis lamp, and exploding vehicles.
Susan Taggart. Web of Intrigue
Morgan Carruthers finds herself entangled in the quest to discover her sister's murderer-an investigation that takes her to the Internet and to the lure of sinister powers found there.
Mary Willis Walker. Zero at the Bone
When her father, a senior keeper of large cats at the Austin Zoo, is mauled to death, Katherine Driscoll takes a job at the zoo and begins probing into her father's bizarre death.

Molly Cates series:

The Red Scream
Under the Beetle's Cellar
All the Dead Lie Down
Robert W. Walker. Double Edge
Now Walker returns to the gritty streets of Houston he first explored in "Cutting Edge", where Officer Lucas Stonecoat and police psychiatrist Meredyth Sanger face a new predator: the Snatcher.
Cold Edge
Don Webb. Endless Honeymoon
Like modern Robin Hoods, Willis and Virginia seek out society's creeps -- the mean and bitter people who make everyone's lives worse. Their modus operandi is to perform ingenious pranks in hopes of rehabilititating the nasty cusses.But they get shock when they put a prank into action on July 4th...only to find their victim has just been murdered. Someone must be a step ahead of them.