Weirdly Western

Offbeat novels and short stories of the west. Provided by the staff at the West University Branch Library.

Thomas Berger. Little Big Man
Madcap remembrances of the Wild West as told by 111 year-old Jack Crabb, otherwise known as Little Big Man.
Richard Brautigan. Hawkline Monster: A Gothic Western
In 1902, hired gunmen pursue a monstrous creature created by an eccentric professor in eastern Oregon.
Loren Estleman. Billy Gashade
A ballad singer's journey through the untamed West, including scenes with Billy the Kid, Jesse James and others.
Jim Fergus. 1000 White Women: the Journals of May Dodd
A group of white women (and one black woman) become Cheyenne Indian brides, traded for horses in a preposterous governmental experiment.
Ray Gonzalez. The Ghost of John Wayne and Other Stories
25 stories set in the borderlands of Juarez, El Paso, San Antonio and New Mexico.
Ric L. Hardman. Sunshine Rider: the First Vegetarian Western
Seventeen year old vegetarian Wylie Jackson experiences brief employment as a chuck wagon cook, medicine man, huckster, and also impersonates a doctor in this humorous, fast-paced novel.
Mackey Hedges. The Last Buckaroo
The rollicking escapades of a young drugstore cowboy and his new friend, an old saddle tramp.

Louis L'Amour. The Haunted Mesa
Investigator Mike Ragan tries to find a missing friend, and also just how or why the cliff-dwelling Anasazi tribe disappeared long ago.

Joe Lansdale. Razored Saddles
A short story anthology mixing horror, science fiction and western elements.

Joe Lansdale. Zeppelins West
Buffalo Bill Cody takes his Wild West show to Japan via zeppelin.

Christopher Moore. Coyote Blue
In search of his missing girlfriend, an L.A. insurance man gets assistance from Old Man Coyote, a shapeshifter.
Edwin Shrake. Blessed McGill
How a violent, rowdy buffalo hunter becomes the first Roman Catholic saint of North America.
David Thomson. Silver Light
Cinematic western heroes mix with actual history-makers such as Geronimo, Judge Roy Bean and Billy the Kid.