Bloopers Western Style

I don't normally associate the word 'cute' with westerns. However, after reading Bill Pronzini’s The Last Days of Horse-Shy Halloran, I can't think of a word more appropriate. Horse-Shy Halloran is a wanna-be road agent who hopes to get his hands on an upcoming gold shipment worth millions.

Caution: Ranger at Work

Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack generally likes to work alone. After all, his line of work is a dangerous business, and having to watch out for a partner can be a fatal distraction. For one thing, the kind of men he hunts down usually have no qualms about shooting you in the back, if they get the chance. For another, his partner is new to the Arizona Ranger force and still somewhat green, although game for anything that comes along.

The Mystery of Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse.

Louis L'Amour's Treasure Mountain

Tell and Orrin are looking for their father who disappeared twenty years earlier. They want their Ma to rest easy and not fret about what became of him in her last years. So, they start their search in New Orleans, his last known location, with little to go on other than nerve and tenacity. But that’s nothing new for the Sacketts. They’ve been pretty much up against it since the family first came to this continent in the 1600s. 

The Wyatt Earp Faction

It is amazing, the number of times Wyatt Earp was shot at and never even wounded. Those who were close to him were usually not so fortunate. So much has been made of the gunfight at the O. K.

Spur Award Winner Deals Another Winning Hand

Set in New Mexico in 1898, at the time of the Spanish-American War, this story by three-time Spur Award winner Johnny D. Boggs serves up the stuff Hollywood westerns are made of. On his website Mr.

The Legend of Bass Reeves

I stumbled across this title quite by accident, and I’m mighty glad I did. I didn’t even know Gary Paulsen wrote stories about the West. And this is a story worth telling. The subtitle reads “being a true and fictional account of the most valiant marshal in the west.” So you’ll find this in the young adult fiction section of the library. 

Hidalgo the Mighty Mustang!

 Before there was Seabiscuit and Red Pollard, there was Hidalgo the mustang and Frank T. Hopkins. Never mind that Frank T. Hopkins may be the biggest teller of tall tales this side of Timbuktu, and a shameless and tireless self-promoter. 

Appaloosa: the Hollywood version

It's the interplay between Viggo Mortensen (Everitt Hitch) and Ed Harris (Virgil Cole) that makes the movie version or Robert Parker's novel work at all. And Jeremy Irons makes a pretty good bad guy.

Holmes On The Range?

The Holmes referred to in the title is, of course, the master himself, Mr. Sherlock Holmes.  While he does not actually appear in the story, he is central to the plot. Two cowboys, using the methods of the beloved detective, solve a rather convoluted mystery on a Montana ranch in 1893. This story has a lot to offer: murder (of course), and mayhem, shootouts, great characters, even good horses, all turned out with nice dashes of humor and some pathos.  The pacing builds a bit slowly, but the people you meet make the wait worthwhile. The reading by William Dufris is masterful; he even handles the women's voices well.  I love the way Mr. Holmes (or at least his legacy) keeps turning up in the most unexpected places!

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