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Autumn is a week away which means Halloween is around the corner! To get you in the spirit of Halloween and all things spooky, get your fill of horror with ZOMBIES! 

Classic Creepy Codices and Spine-Tingling Stories: a Continuation & Sequel*

Creepy two
*You Were Warned Before And Now You Are Back For More?

Classic Creepy Codices and Spine-Tingling Stories: a Continuation & Sequel / compiled by Dr. Henry Armitage, Chief Librarian, Miskatonic University, as a Warning to Stay Away from Knowledge of Forbidden Things That You Would Sleep Better If Didn’t Know About!

Horror Online (Plus One Scary Book)

The library has a lot of great horror novels, but books are not the only place you can find a great horror story! I was poking around through my bookmarks last night when I came across a few online horror sites I hadn't looked at in a while. The first one I came across was The Dionaea House. This is a piece of online fiction that incorporates several blogs to tell a frightening story of a house that has the ability to appear in multiple cities, change its interior, and make its inhabitants disappear. I made the mistake of reading this late at night some years ago--you were warned.

Tough Summer Reads: Daryl Gregory

I discovered a new author recently. Daryl Gregory has published a couple of horror novels in the past few years. I was not sure I liked his work at first, but it is starting to grow on me.

Happy Birthday Neil Gaiman

Today is critically acclaimed author and Dream King, Neil Gaiman's birthday. He is a literary "Jack of all Trades" with works in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Graphic novels, Horror, children's literature, and so on.  Listed below are some picks from "the most accomplished and influential figure in modern comics as well as one of the most gifted of contemporary fantasists." Click here to see all Gaiman's work in our catalog.

Many of his works are adapted from novels to illustrated books and to movies so look out for extra links for other adaptations.

Graphic Novels

Beyond Westernology 101

Westerns used to be all about cowboys and Indians, horses and cattle, blazing guns and action. While those elements are certainly tried and true and still worth paying attention to, these days, the western can take some very interesting turns. (Personally, I like all of the above with generous chunks of open skies, mountains, prairies & canyons thrown in!) But if you are looking for something a little beyond the traditional western, check out our Weirdly Western link. There you’ll find gothic westerns, westerns with horror or science fiction elements thrown in, and other stories that tend to play fast and loose with our much loved myths of the west.  Follow the link above, or click on the Books tab from our homepage and scroll down to Westerns, then look for the link on the left side on the page. Happy Hunting!

Scary Stories

Under the DomeI have to admit that when it comes to Stephen King’s stories, I’m a wimp. I’ve never read one and only watch the movies a bit at a time through parted fingers. I think I remember seeing the end of one of his movies when I was little where a hand comes up out of the grave or out of water – something like that. I had nightmares for a week!

A Summer of King

I’m a big horror fan, and at the beginning of the summer I realized that there were a number of Stephen King novels I have never read. Summer, for me, has always been a time that I’ve given myself little “reading projects.” Basically I might pick an author or genre I hadn’t dipped into in a while and pick up a few good reads to that end. I decided that the summer of 2009 is the Summer of King.

Supernatural Detectives

Detectives who use, or search for, the supernatural including vampires, werewolves, and fairies.

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