HCPL Staff

Name Location Positionsort icon
Sarah Scheldt Katy Circulation Assistant
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Alex B Maud Marks Circulation Assistant
Kathleen Green Library Administration Collection Development Manager - Youth Services
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Linda Stevens Library Administration Coordinator of Marketing & Programming
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Garrette Smith Library Administration Deputy Director
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David Cherry Library Administration Digital Content Specialist
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Grace Lillevig Library Administration Digital Services Manager
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Edward Melton Library Administration Director
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Marsha Mitchell Library Administration Human Resources & Training Manager
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Bruce Farrar Library Administration Manager of Branch Services
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Jessica R Library Administration Materials Selection Librarian - Youth Services
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Michael Saperstein Library Administration Multimedia Selection Librarian
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Chris Martinez Library Administration Network Services Manager
Hilary C Tomball Reference Assistant
Cindy C. Barbara Bush @ Cypress Creek Reference Assistant
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Jo T Cy-Fair Reference Assistant
Veronica G. Kingwood Reference Librarian
Pam R Kingwood Reference Librarian
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Andrea W Evelyn Meador Reference Librarian
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Carolyn A Kingwood Reference Librarian