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When most people think of libraries, they think of books and computers and storytimes. At HCPL, we think of people: all the people it takes to select and order, catalog and process the books that go on the shelves; the people who service and maintain the computers and the network they run on, all the people who plan and organize and perform those storytimes; and, of course, we think of all the people who count on us to keep all those services, and many more, coming. Harris County Public Library is about all the materials and services you expect from your library, but first and foremost, HCPL is about people--the power of human connection and communication.

Our Team

Our administrative staff are located at 5749 South Loop East Houston, TX 77033. If you'd like to reach our leadership team, please call 713-274-6600 or email [email protected] 

Edward Melton

Edward Melton - Executive Director

Edward Melton has led Harris County Public Library since November 2014. He brings strategic focus, vision, and innovative leadership during a successful career of guiding and implementing library services. He is keen on leveraging partnerships and collaboration to build sustainable library service models. Even though he strongly supports innovation and technology, he is very practical and traditional in his value of public libraries. He understands the traditional role of libraries and works to create a balance between innovation and tradition.

Edward holds a B.A. in History and Secondary Education from Morehouse College and a Masters of Library and Information Science (MLIS) from Clark Atlanta University. He has attended the Brookings Institute for Public Leadership. He has vast experience in libraries including cataloging and indexing, youth services, technology integration, grant management, capital projects, budget and strategic planning, training, operational efficiency, partnerships, and service innovation.

During his tenure as Chief of Branches at San Francisco Public Library, Edward was instrumental in helping complete the Branch Library Improvement Program which included the construction of the last two capital building projects. He has been key in leading the comprehensive review of library services hours and the ultimate implementation of expanded hours throughout the branches. Edward has also influenced innovation in services at branches through projects and programs that have enhanced access to technology and learning opportunities for youth and the public at large. Edward has been actively engaged with the community and has chaired the Council of Neighborhood Libraries. Edward recently received the 2014 Joey Rodgers Leadership Award by the Urban Libraries  Council (ULC) in recognition of his contributions as a public library leader and in support of his continued professional development.

Before his work in San Francisco, Edward was an Administrative Manager with Houston Public Library in which he provided oversight for the HPL Express and Mobile Express service model. He was recognized in 2010 as an Operations Service Innovator by the Urban Library Council. He has also been active in the Texas Library Association and was a Tall Texan Class of 2007.

Edward has traveled the country integrating technology in libraries and training librarians with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation US Library program providing him with a vast range of experience from large urban libraries to small rural communities.

Theodora Muokebe

Theodora Muokebe - Branch Division Director

Theodora is the Division Director for Branch Administrative Services at the Harris County Public Library, where she leads and oversees the managers and staff of 25 branches. She also oversees the maintenance and renovation of HCPL libraries. As a member of the HCPL Library Administration, she had detailed knowledge and experience in the development, implementation and delivery of library public services, extensive experience in working with a diverse staff and community creating exemplary, community focused programs, providing guidance, instruction, motivation, direction and leadership to a team that is committed to achieving organizational goals. She believes strongly that every customer matters and has led the developing, presenting and training of HCPL staff on the Red Carpet Roll Out! - Customer Service Training.

Theodora is very passionate about public libraries and what they stand for in today's world. She believes strongly in the mission of public libraries to provide free and open access to a broad range of materials and services to people of all ages, backgrounds and works of life. Public libraries are the unifying institution in communities and serves as advocates for the people.

Theodora loves spending time with her children, reading the classics, especially mysteries and loves singing in choirs.

Ron Lucik

Ron Lucik - Financial Services Division Director

Ron Lucik has worked in public service for more than 30 years and currently serves as the Division Manager for Financial Services for the library system. Ron is responsible for managing the overall library budget including general, grant and gift funds; as well as overseeing purchasing, payable and asset management activities.

Ron’s favorite outdoor pursuit is fly fishing, but he does enjoy a good Nelson DeMille or James Patterson thriller when the fish aren’t biting.

“At sunrise everything is luminous but not clear” - A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean


Linda Stevens

Linda Stevens - Programs, Partnerships & Outreach Division Director

Linda Stevens has been a librarian for over 25 years and now serves HCPL as the Division Director of Programs, Partnerships, and Outreach. The PPO team is the administrative support for HCPL’s informal education and enrichment programs in our library buildings and in our communities, as well as for marketing and communications efforts throughout the system.  Linda has held many kinds of library jobs, but her favorite part of any of them is working with people and helping to improve their lives. She is very proud to work with all of our community partners to provide literacy initiatives of all types to benefit the people of Harris County.  

Linda spends a lot of time thinking about great new things the library could do, but she also loves dogs of all sorts, going to the theater and movies, and is a voracious reader, particularly of fiction and memoirs.  She is a book club regular and is happy to give recommendations.

Chris Martinez

Chris Martinez - Information Technology Division Director

Chris Martinez has worked with libraries for over 15 years. He earned his Masters of Science in Information Systems from UNT where he specialized in library information science. He joined Harris County Public Library in 2014. Since then, he has executed major IT projects and developed a team of IT professionals who are knowledgeable and motivated to support the library in all of its endeavors.  Chris’ favorite book is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

Amber Seely

Amber Seely - Collections & Technical Services Division Director

Amber Seely joined Harris County Public Library as the Division Manager of Collections & Technical Services in 2016. She leads the team that selects, acquires, describes, labels, delivers, and supports the circulation of your library books. She is passionate about increasing return on investment and providing excellent customer service for the library with continuous process improvements.  

Amber reads and listens to audiobooks widely but particularly loves science fiction and fantasy novels, especially by her favorite author, Brandon Sanderson.

James Dinkins

James Dinkins - Human Resources Division Director & Legislative Liaison

James is Human Resources Division Director - CHRO for the Harris County Public Library business unit.  The responsibilities of this position include talent acquisition, training, organizational development, risk management, diversity, compliance, employee engagement, and organizational culture.

James is also a Legislative Liaison. He partners with legislators at the federal, state, and local level related to issues and bills that impact industries.

Prior to joining the organization, James served in senior leadership roles with Fortune 500 companies, where he helped transform human resources into a strategic business function.

James is a public servant at heart.  He has served on numerous boards to improve and enrich the lives of those living with special needs and their families.

James holds a degree in Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Management.

Our Mission & Values

Harris County Public Library provides information and resources to enrich lives and strengthen communities through innovative services within and beyond our walls.

We are committed to these core values:

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Open Communication
  • Integrity
  • Fun

Our interactions will be characterized by:

  • Mutual Respect
  • Enthusiasm
  • Open-Mindedness
  • Flexibility

When we disagree, we will:

  • Actively Listen
  • Mediate/Facilitate
  • Be Non-confrontational
HCPL by the Numbers

2018 In Review

1,706,396 library card holders

7,574,231 physical items borrowed

2,068,630 digital items borrowed

647,243 PC sessions in libraries

360,450 Mobile WiFi Sessions

3,426,600 people entered our libraries

11,522 meeting & study spaces booked PER MONTH

3,301 passport applications processed

316,857 people attended 14,484 inspirational & educational programs

12,374 people attended 3,236 technology training sessions

1,353 citizenship students

7,919 adult ESL students

249 adults received Basic education tutoring

445 adults & children participated in Book Buddies

Careers @ HCPL

HCPL Employment Opportunities

Children's Services Librarian - 04220 - High Meadows

Children's Services Librarian - 04255 - Katherine Tyra @ Bear Creek

Children's Program Specialist - 04317 - Tomball

Mobile Outreach Specialist - 04316 - Administration

Young Adult Program Librarian - 04126 - Maud Marks

How to Apply

  • Apply online by clicking on the job title you are interested in and then clicking on the "Apply" link.
  • If this is the first time you are applying using our online job application process, you will need to create an account and select a User Name and Password.
  • After your account has been established, you can upload your resume and follow the steps to create and submit an application. This application can be saved and used to apply for more than one job opening.
  • It is important that your application show all the relevant education and experience you possess. Applications may be rejected if they are incomplete when submitted.
  • If you do not see a current opening below that you are interested in, please fill out a Job Interest Card from the Menu to receive future notifications of open positions within selected categories.

Other Employment Opportunities

Lone Star College - CyFair Library Employment Opportunities

Click here to view all positions available at Lone Star College - CyFair Library. 

Temporary Positions 

Temporary positions are offered through Evins Personnel and A-1 Personnel. Click on job titles for more information on this position and how to apply. 

There are currently no temporary positions posted



Library Policies

Learn more about the rules & policies for using your library's equipment, services, and facilities by following the link below.

Library Policies

At HCPL We C.A.R.E. about our customers and strive to provide:

C - Comfortable and Clean Libraries


  • Well maintained buildings and equipment
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Good lighting and signage

A - Attention to Your Needs


  • Friendly staff
  • Timely answers and referrals
  • Respect for your privacy
  • Suggestions are always welcome

R - Reliable Resources in a Variety of Formats


  • Up-to-date collections
  • The 24/7 HCPL eBranch website
  • Technology-enhanced services

E - Exceptional Library Services


  • Well trained and knowledgeable staff
  • One-on-one circulation and information assistance
  • Community-inspired programs and displays