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     Ever since 1987, September means libraries everywhere help people remember the first step towards a love of reading is through their library card. Librarians, teachers, and parents/caregivers, come together and host National Library Card Sign Up Month. This is done to help ensure that every child gets a card and develops a love of reading and visiting the library. This year, we are using the help of our friends from “Toy Story 4” to show everyone that library cards take you to “infinity and beyond” by offering multiple resources and allowing stories of all kinds to live on our shelves.




Here’s other ways to celebrate National Library Card Sign Up Month once getting one:

● Take a picture of you and your card with the hashtag #GetLibraryCarded on Twitter or Instagram. Social media is a great way to make sure people know all about National Library Card Sign-Up month and all the great things we are doing in libraries.

● Tell a friend! Word of mouth is the best form of press we have. Make sure you tell everyone about your new card and where they can go to get their own!

● Come to any of your nearest library’s free programming, whether that’s storytime or programming for teens and adults.

● Use your library card to check out some great books or other materials and show those on social media!

● Pose in front of your local library and share what you love about it.

● Calculate the amount you save by using your library and tell everyone the estimate!



     And if you already have a card, we challenge you to go out and tell your friends! Make sure everyone you know has a card as well! Make sure they also know the endless benefits of having their own card!






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