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Child touching a baby Alligator

At the start of the summer, it's all about summer time!  No more school.  No more homework.  Just lazy days.  Right?

Child enjoying a meal at library during the SummerNot at the Harris County Public Libraries.  Across the county this summer at the libraries, there were crafts, exotic animals, movies, food, games, stories, music, and fun.  Libraries hosted a Kids Café five days a week in partnership with the Houston Food Bank and fed thousands of kids. 

The animal visits were some of the most popular of the events held in the North Channel Library.  Children were fascinated with the chance to see an alligator, turtles, snakes, and even skunks.

Of course, with Universe of Stories being the theme of the summer, it was a great chance to explore new frontiers.  Crafts revolving around a space theme were very popular.  How about a planets-of-the-solar-system necklace or cracked marble moon necklace? For those going on a long family vacation, there were snack ideas for the road.  Fantastic guests came to do special space-themed storytimes, and there was even a build your own space station.

The public computers were busy all day, every day, with people attending computer classes, doing resume writing, job hunting, watching fun movies, and playing games.

This year, the Summer Reading Program with the Harris County Public Libraries had great success and saw a larger percentage of people participating than in years past.  

2019 SRP statistics

Thousands of people walked through the doors of the library each day.  Ahhh, that air conditioning feels good.  The library is the perfect escape from the summertime heat. In a Houston Health Department news release article dated August 14, 2019, they advise the community to seek out cooling centers, such as public libraries, in order to stay safe from the heat of our hot, Houston summers.

When it comes to the library, there are no lazy dog-days of summer.  It is a busy, happening place.  But now you might think, with summer ending and all the children going back to school, the libraries will be dead, right?  Oh no.  Never.  When one program ends, another begins.  Summer reading time might be over, but with school starting, we are inspired to learn, and libraries all over Harris County will be offering new programs and new classes.  Time to visit your local library branch the library and find out what you can learn this fall. 

Computer classes, coding, art, 3-D printing, and literacy are just a few of what the libraries will be offering in this Fall.  Check out the new events page and find something that sparks your interest and inspires you to try new things.

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