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The public library serves the community in many ways from education and printing services to a place to stay warm, however, many of the Harris County Public Library branches have taken it a step further. They have food programs to both educate and feed the soul. From baking biscuits to healthy eating tips for the holidays, we have a range of programs to satisfy your palate.

The Baldwin Boettcher Branch Library, in addition to many other HCPL branches, has food programs throughout the year. For the many heritage month celebrations throughout the year, Baldwin Boettcher Branch's Adult Services Librarian, Cindy Groover, likes to celebrate our community's diversity by hosting food tasting programs featuring one or more traditional dishes from different cultures.  Other HCPL branches host different activities such as crafts, story times, as well as full-on festivals.

This month, Native American Heritage Month, Cindy prepared three delicious dishes; buffalo pozole, cornbread stuffing, and wild blueberry cookies.  She also provides recipes for those who want to make them at home. You can access the recipe for Buffalo Pozole in a book in the HCPL catalog, Native Indian Wild Game, Fish & Food’s Cookbook on page 47.  We had a great turn out for this one and can’t wait to see what the future holds for these programs. With the holidays coming up, several libraries will be having food programs in store for you.  The High Meadows Library will be having “Keeping the Holidays Healthy” where you will learn how to avoid weight gain during this busy season.  It will take place on Thursday, December 5th at 6 pm.   The Parker Williams Library will be having an “Instant Pot: Plant–based Soups and Stews." It will be on Monday, December 16th at 6 pm.  You will learn the basics of plant-based eating and how to use an Instant Pot while making some delicious meals! 

Check out the upcoming food programs we will have throughout our library system. To see all of our upcoming programs, simply click on our website here at Join us at one or more HCPL locations for food, education, creating, and fun.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

table with food being served.


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