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The best thing about libraries, besides free access to books, movies, computers, and awesome programs, is the variety of people that one will meet.  People of all walks of life are at the library every day.  From the very young, to the teens, to the young adults and young families, to the oldest and wisest of us all, everyone can be found at the library.

And why not?  The library has so much to offer. 

Everyone who comes to the library should be provided with equal opportunities to utilize the library, and while libraries work hard to provide a large variety of programming, for the largest variety of people, it can be hard to reach everyone.

People with special needs deserve the same opportunities as anyone else who enters the library, as well as having access to the same amenities.  According to the National Organization on Disability, more than 54 million men, women, and children have a physical, sensory, or intellectual disability.   

Groups and caretakers for people with special needs are always seeking new activities, where the participants are engaged, educated, entertained, and treated with respect.  Libraries are stepping up to the plate and fulfilling this niche.  More and more libraries have been striving to provide quality programs for this specific population. 

The Harris County Public Libraries have several libraries in their system that are providing programming for people with special needs, including story times and sensory nights for children and families.  The North Channel Library is providing a twice a month story time for adults with special needs.  These programs include music, books, movement, and crafts.

Libraries are for all

Families with children who have special needs never need fear bringing their children to the library.  The library is a place for all, but if you have concerns or questions about bringing your child, contact your local library.  If you are a center for people with special needs, contact your library and ask if they do or would be willing to provide a program or activity.  Librarians at HCPL are always searching for new ideas of programs that are of interest to their community, so don’t be afraid to speak to them about ideas for a special needs program.

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