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February is the month when the great, noble plans and resolutions made in January start to drift away.  We start the new year with great ideas and the best intentions.  Exercise more!  Eat better!  Get out of debt!  Get organized!

But the holidays end, and we go back to work, school, and everyday life and those goals take a backseat to daily survival.  We made it through the long month of January and now, it’s a new month. 

In February we can take the time to reevaluate, reprioritize, and reorganize.  What is holding us back from reaching our goals?  For many, the answer is time.  How do we make the hours and minutes we have each day count?  How can we use our time better? 


There are minutes each day that we can make count.  Do you sit in traffic?  What can be done with this time?  Consider deep breathing.  Taking in deep breaths of air and letting it slowly out can help with stress, increase energy, and lowers blood pressure.  Often during the day, our breathing is shallow and we don’t get the air we need.  So take those moments to breathe deeply and refresh your body.

Using a few minutes of your day, you can unsubscribe from pesky emails.  You can write a quick note to a friend.  You can call and make an appointment or sort through the mail.  At home, with ten minutes you can clear a counter or do some stretches.  Turn on music and dance for ten minutes.  Hey, it’s exercise!

Another reason we might have trouble with our goals is we don’t know where to start.

So often my own goals might be to get organized or eat better, but then, I never accomplish my goal.  Why?  The goal is too big and broad.  What does it mean to get organized?  What does it mean to eat better?

Smaller, achievable goals need to be set.  In the month of February, some small, achievable goals might be to throw out all the junk mail, put all the cookbooks onto a shelf, and daily wipe down the kitchen counters.  These goals are doable.  They are achievable every day of the month. 

Instead of “eat better,” try, eat a salad three times a week for one month, or desserts only on Sunday's.

The smaller goals are like the ten minutes of time.  They add up and at the end of the month, you realize how much you were able to accomplish and you are ready to add new goals

Need some books to help you with setting goals?  Check out these books from your local Harris County Public Library.

Time Management in a Week

Budgeting 101 

Make anything happen: a creative guide to vision boards, goal setting, and achieving the life of your dreams

Time Management: Set priorities to get the right thing done  

Achieving goals: define and surpass your high-performance goals

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