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Makers making PPE

  “We are all makers” is not a novel idea but it is the mindset of Harris County Public Library maker locations, innovation labs, and maker programming.  During these unprecedented times, all twenty-six HCPL locations are still committed to serving our communities.  One of the ways our maker staff is doing that during the Stay Home / Work Safe period is by 3D printing face shield headbands and other parts for the Houston medical community.  While our library buildings are closed to the public, Harris County Public Library staff members are working daily from their homes helping with the shortage of personal protection equipment (PPE) such as masks needed to keep the frontline medical staff safe while facing the COVID-19 virus.

For this effort, we are working with TXRX Labs, a non-profit Maker Space, to help coordinate the specific items needed for the medical community.
If you are interested in joining the effort, please see the information below.

3D headband  Have a 3D printer at home? Want to help?  

  Technical Specs 
  Rafts & Support: None
  Resolution: 0.2mm
  Material: PLA
  Infill: Try 20% or 30%, as the only parts the infill affects are the connection tabs.

   Find the specific free printable files here from Thingiverse:



  For 3D printers that have bed sizes of at least 7 in x 7 in,
  You can help by printing the Shield Uppers:


   Register with TXRXlabs to donate your headbands through their     
   website at


  Seabrook library manager with 3d Printer

  Don't have a 3D printer but want to help by sewing fabric face masks?

  Find the exact instructions HERE


  Another way to help support our effort is to support our Harris County Friends of
  the Library group. These non-profit organizations are devoted to supporting Harris
 County Public Library and their branches through fundraising efforts, such as operating
 the bookstores. It is these funds that often finance our maker labs and locations, and
 the supplies and equipment used in those spaces, as well as several branch programs
 and additional library materials. 
   When you support our Friends group, you help support our library and it's missions!
  To join, volunteer, or support your local Friends organization, please

See the interview from Rachel Reed, Maker Staff from the Freeman Branch Library: 


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