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I will now say hello to you in the languages of many countries!

America: Hello

Canada: Hello

England: Hello

Australia: Hello

New Zealand: Hello

Scotland: Hello

Texas: Howdy

As you can see I know only one language.  I will admit, I learned French in high school and can still say ‘Bonjour’, and I know how to say ‘Hola’, but beyond that, I am not multi-lingual.  However, it doesn’t mean that I can’t be!  Thanks to the Internet, there are many ways to learn a new language. 

YouTube is always a great resource, and is a great platform for learning a visual language, like American Sign Language.  It is also a nice way to listen to the language and hear the spoken word

While there are many online language learning sights, many of them require you pay a membership fee for their lessons, but there are several language learning tools that are free, and free is awesome. 

One language site is Transparent Language, which is free with a Harris County Public Library card.  To access this language site, visit the Harris County Public Libraries website at or click here to go directly to the language database.

In order for you to use Transparent Languages, you will need to know your library card number.  Once you have filled out the user information, you will get to pick from over 100 languages.

The tough choice is what language do I want to learn?  You could pick something for fun, or you could pick something that would be beneficial to you in your work environment.

Another language site is called Duolingo.  It is user friendly and fun, with a cute little owl to guide you on your way.  Both of these sites are easy to use and rather addicting.  Once you complete one lesson, you’ll find yourself eager to try the next.  Each of these sites helps you with pronunciation, vocabulary, written word recognition, spoken word recognition and spelling. 

Set yourself a goal to learn a new language, or take the challenge as a family.  With these tools, it is possible to learn a new language. 

HCPL language learning


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