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Parents and caregivers of young children (ages 0-5) are the world’s superheroes! We really are! When asked what my super power I would be, and I always answer, “I already have it: the ability to grow and raise tiny humans into fully functioning people.” Does that mean I always know what I’m doing? Of course not! It means I figure it out and do it to the best of my ability, along with other people I trust.  

As a librarian, I am constantly seeking more and new knowledge, and I help other people do the same. As a children’s librarian, I focus on helping little ones and their big people on their educational journey. As a parent, I am responsible for two boys (and a husband) who are always ON! For each of these roles I have to keep up with current technology, education, social issues, and more! 

I often turn to my own parents and in-laws for advice, as well as friends who are also parents. I also research Apps for KidsHandwriting TipsRacial Equity in Early Childhood Programs, the most Popular Junior Graphic Novels, and so on, and so forth!   

As parents and caregivers, we are our children’s first teachers, protectors, and role models. We must understand literacy, child development, nutrition, and so much more! How and where we obtain our information on these topics is crucial to our kids’ success and positive development. 

How and where do you find the information you need when it comes to raising, educating, and guiding your children? Friends, family, social media, blogs, places of faith and worship, doctors/professionals, personal experience, etc.? There’s no one answer, because, as they say, it takes a village! Leave a comment about your favorite parenting/caregiving resources! 

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