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Welcome to November my fellow Serial Murder readers! My latest pick is one you'll not forget. 

Serial Killers have always been a bit of a fascination for me, and when I find one I’ve never heard of...... well let’s just say that I immediately grabbed this book and began my journey into his twisted mind.  

Have you ever heard of Israel Keyes? Yeah, me either. 

The book starts in Alaska where his last victim was taken and goes through the point of view of the lead investigators while they try to piece together what happened to Samantha Koenig. It’s a jumbled mess of not quite knowing what to do, if she was kidnapped, if she just left on her own. As a reader, I pick up on things like sarcasm and anger at a situation pretty quickly, and things were bungled from the start and didn’t go any smoother for the rest of the book. 

American Predator by Maureen Callahan took me on a trip throughout the United States to try to find the rest of Israel Keyes’s victims. You’ll find that even though the book starts in Alaska, he travels all over the country to find random people, unaware of the danger they are about to face.  

How many, you might ask? That is still unknown. Serial killers like to keep control of the situation they find themselves in with police by keeping their victim names and places close, and Israel Keyes was no different. You might be wondering why authorities couldn’t make some sort of deal with him to find all this out, and while I would love to go into more detail, I’m going to let you read and find out on your own. Believe me when I say, you might be a little disappointed in our justice system after you read this book. 

There are a lot of surprises and mysteries and just down right horrors in this telling, but I promise it’s worth a read and if you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself doing many google searches on the travesty of what is the Israel Keyes investigation. 

Happy reading fellow true crime enthusiasts! 

On a side note, November is National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo for short. Join your fellow authors in completing challenges to get your creative juices flowing! Visit for more details and to start your story! 

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