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Alert! Alert! Spooky season doesn’t end in October! For some of us, spooky season is every season.

Horror is one of my favorite genres, especially in film. I love nothing more than to be terrified by the end of the night. I challenge every horror movie and book to try to scare me or blow my mind with their content. Or at least entertain me with their nonsense. Please do not worry. I have cats that will alert me and protect me from any supernatural entities that may try to harm me.

One thing many people don’t realize though, is that horror comes in many, many different sub-categories. There are hauntings, demons, creatures, murderers, paranormal, witchcraft, slashers, body horror, curses, possessions, psychological, aliens, cults, and so much more. Whatever your fear is, there is a horror book or movie geared just for you.

The library is the perfect place for you to explore your horror curiosities because not every horror category is for everyone. Why waste your money on a genre you may or may not like when you can test the waters for free at the library? Even though I consider myself a horror connoisseur, I do not like to read all horror genres. There are some that even I don’t enjoy. Personally, I have a huge fear of cults, (and giant squids) and I do not like reading about them very much. Too terrifying! No thanks! I’ll pass! However, I wouldn’t have known that horror stories involving cults or body horror are a little too much for me if I hadn’t given it a try first. And that’s ok. It is absolutely ok to not enjoy the book you’re reading or the movie you’re watching, which is why the library is a wonderful place. You can curse the movie or book’s existence and then banish it from your sight forever by returning it and then trying again with a different item.

I am a strong advocate for reading or watching horror, at least from time to time. I once read one of the reasons why people enjoy horror is because it puts a face to their fears and a way for them to deal with it. And I strongly agree. Here are some of my favorite horror books and movies for every type of horror fan or novice.








The Ruins

The Thing



Haunting of Hill House 

The Others







Girl With All the Gift  

Train to Busan


Happy exploring!

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