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Christmas morning of 2019, I woke up to two unusual things: An, alarming, “cold front,” for south Louisiana of only 40 degrees and the aggressive sound of a frightened kitten who was alone in the uncomfortable weather outside my bedroom window. 

My selfish heart was inclined to immediately keep the animal – with its innocent blue eyes and luxuriously soft white fur – but instead, I did the correct thing of trying to locate his real owner. I called neighbors, local animal shelters, and even produced flyers. After one week of the search, I gave in to the exciting temptation of becoming a new cat owner. 

Only there was one problem: I had never owned a cat before.  

I loved little Parmesan, but he was rambunctious, and I had a difficult time disciplining him. I did my best to give him my full attention but, in the end, I decided to give the cat to a family who not only had experience but more time and money to attend to the animal's needs. This sad mishap on my part reminded me that it is never a good idea to give or get pets as a gift unless you are sure that the recipient can physically, emotionally, and financially care for the animal. 

Abandoned or unattended animals around the holiday season is sadly an issue that will not seem to disappear. Too many pet owners fail to realize the responsibility of taking care of another life when they are already so consumed in their own. While the idea of a pet adoption during the holidays is an enticing one, it is much better to do proper research and help save an animal's life before trying to impress that new boyfriend or girlfriend. 

That being said, there is no shortage of animals in our area waiting to be adopted. If you have done your research and are sure you are making the right decision for yourself and a new furry family member, Seabrook Animal Control and Shelter has lots of loving animals like these in need of forever homes. 

Additional Resources at HCPL

Check out our books or DVD’s on animal training & animal characteristics: 

Superpuppy : How to Choose, Raise, and Train the Best Possible Dog for You

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My Pet Chicken Handbook : Sensible Advice and Savvy Answers for Raising Backyard Chickens

Complete guide to dog training : everything you need to know for a happy, well-behaved dog

Cover image for Superpuppy : how to choose, raise, and train the best possible dog for you  Cover image for My pet chicken handbook : sensible advice and savvy answers for raising backyard chickens

 Cover image for Clicker training for cats  Cover image for Complete guide to dog training : everything you need to know for a happy, well-behaved dog 

You can even find new pet owners near you through events such as the Seabrook Strides Walking Club hosted by Evelyn Meador Library in Seabrook, TX. Friday mornings from 9 AM to 10 AM. 

These events can help you and your furry friends have long, healthy life together.  

Other helpful resources:  


Lexi Walters - Library Service Specialist 

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