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Snowy Cabin

Dr. Seuss’s beloved classic tale, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, taught us an important truth – Christmas comes, no matter what. This year, the holiday season looks different for many of us, and while some of our favorite traditions are MIA, the holidays came anyway! Like you, the library has been adapting our annual traditions to make this holiday season merry, bright, and healthy. Take a look at what we’ve been up to, and let us remind you why it’s the perfect time of year to stay in, get cozy, and enjoy simple, seasonal activities.  

A New Twist on a Classic 

Who doesn’t love a modern remake of a Christmas classic? Check out La Porte Branch Library’s special presentation of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, now streaming on Facebook. It’s a fun reading of the classic story, with some special guests. 

Stocking Up 

What is hot cocoa and a warm blanket, without a good book or movie? You can request your seasonal favorites, to download or pickup at curbside, or request a custom Book Bundle by calling your branch or submitting the online form.  

Sprucing Things Up 

Add some holiday magic to your home décor with a few simple supplies. Check out this fireplace created for the Grinch video, using only cardboard boxes, paper, and tape. Just stack and tape your boxes, and then wrap your fireplace, like a present; small rectangles of paper make the perfect bricks. If you don’t have any boxes left over from holiday shopping, try making a fun paper chain -- the bigger, the better! Ours is big enough to decorate for a fun get-together around the piano.

Fireplace and Paper Chain

Branching Out 

New traditions have to start somewhere. Why not try something new with us? Whether you’re interested in yarn crafts, paper crafts, or something else entirely, we have project suggestions for you. Check out the events calendar for a schedule of upcoming online programs and take-and-make kits. We can’t wait to make something new with you. 

Happy Holidays! 

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