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The dreaded reading slump (also known as a book hangover) is arguably the only downside to finishing an amazing book. Usually, people are happy about finishing a good book; you enjoyed the story, connected with the characters, and gained a new author to keep track of. But occasionally, you read a book that blows all the others out of the water, and the thought of picking up another book while that mind-blowing story is still fresh in your mind can be daunting... but it doesn’t have to be.  

Reading slumps feel insurmountable at the time because the simple truth is, you’re sad a great book is over. I have quite a few books that I would happily give up a leg for if I could read them again for the first time. And the transition period between mourning over a book world you fell in love with and your next great read can be rough, especially if it seems like your brain is rejecting everything you try to delve into next. But take it from a multiple time reading slump survivor, there are ways to escape the reading black hole and enjoy your next book.  

Here are some ways that I personally use to pull myself out of a reading slump: 

  • Re-reading will save your life. I am a habitual re-reader regardless of the circumstances, but when it comes to shaking off your book blues, re-reading is the perfect way to get excited about your TBR pile again. Pick up a book that really resonated with you, or a series that always gets you excited about starting it again. That excitement can carry on past that singular read and voila, you’re reading something new!  

  • Ask for recommendations. Whether it be from a trusted book confidante or your co-worker in passing conversation, book recommendations are something everyone loves to share. You have the potential to hear about a shiny new author who just had their debut novel release, or they could spark an old memory of a book series you completely forgot about. Use other people’s TBRs as your own private bookstore and go shopping. 

  • Go against your gut. I know this sounds like the exact opposite of what you are supposed to do but, that’s kind of the whole point. Let’s say you just finished an epic sci-fi fantasy novel jam packed with explosions, tragic romance, and legendary world-building; what are the chances the next sci-fi fantasy book you pick up will be just as, if not more, epic than that? Let me tell you, slim to none. So instead of setting yourself up for disappointment, go in the opposite direction. Pick up a cheesy romance filled with fluff that is easily digestible and quick to get through. You’re reading thirst won’t be quenched but you’ll find it easier to pick up another book now that you don’t have crazy high expectations of every book never living up to the one.   

I know it seems hard to believe, especially if you are in the throes of a slump but, reading slumps do not last forever. Try out these tips and let me know if any of them work for you, or better yet, let me know your reading slump cures. I’ll take all of the help I can get! 

In the meantime, these are my current go to re-reads from out digital catalog, Overdrive, to kick that reading slump to the curb.  

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The Library of the Unwritten Book Covert


The Hunger Games Book Cover


The Unhoneymooners Book Cover


The House of Earth and Blood Book Cover



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