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Many of us have had to forego our travels because of the ongoing pandemic. But booklovers know that a trip is always possible with a few turns of pages. The collection at HCPL has many items to satisfy the travel bug in all of us. This blog features some books that take place around the state of Texas. The HCPL collection can take you to the action of the Alamo in central San Antonio, to the Piney Woods of East Texas. Travel around with Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd in News of the World (and keep an eye out for the upcoming movie adaptation starring Tom Hanks!). Or maybe you want to stay more local with some fiction set in Friendswood or learn more about Houston rap history.  Whatever your preference, grab a book, settle in, and travel around without filling up the gas tank or packing an overnight bag.   

If fiction is what you are into give these titles a try:

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Friendswood Book Cover


Bad Apple Book Cover


Body and Bread Book Cover


News of the World Book Cover


If you want to learn more about our state, give these non-fiction books a chance:

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Texas Rising Book Cover


Black Women in Texas History Book Cover


Ride the Devil's Herd Book Cover


Houston Rap Tapes Book Cover



For the brave readers out there check out one of these Texas true crime novels that are sure to encourage you into staying put safely at home:

Click or tap book cover for more details.
Killers of the Flower Moon Book Cover


Deliver Us Book Cover


Possessed Book Cover


Monster in River Oaks Book Cover



For those of you that prefer to do your reading in e-book format, take a look at this Overdrive collection of books taking place in and around Texas. 


If you still need something to scratch that travel itch, call your HCPL branch and chat with a librarian. We are more than happy to help you find a good book to dive into! 


Featured photo courtesy of Noé Alfaro

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