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So last time we talked about cures for the dreaded Reading Slump. In that article I suggested re-reading, asking others for recommendations, and going against the book grain to cure your book blues. But since you are back for part two, I’m assuming you’re looking for even more remedies for your reading woes. 

First of all, WOW. What book are you hung up on? Because I definitely need to add that to my TBR list if it still has you in mourning.

Second of all, don’t fret. I have more tips on how to get back into the reading world, one page at a time. 

  • Browse your library’s digital collections for inspiration. I am always at a loss of what to read after a terrific book sends me headfirst into a reading slump, but with libraries becoming more digital over the years, digital catalogs like Overdrive have become a life saver when I want to catch up on new releases or just want to browse different genres quickly. I am particularly partial to the themed collections that change every few weeks (my ever-growing TBR list? … not so much). And if all else fails, your local librarian will definitely have some suggestions for you, don’t hesitate to call them for help.

  • Catch up with your favorite author’s social media. We all have our “always buy” authors, the ones who could write their works with poisonous ink and we would still devour them whole. Well, those authors obviously have a writing style that you connect with; whether that be the intriguing plot devices they use or the character development that has you crying every other chapter, you love what they write. So have a look at what they’ve been up to, with author alerts. Have they teased a new book that you can obsess over for the next few months? Or did you miss an old book of theirs that pre-dates your favorite series by them? Either way, chances are you will find inspiration from them and get back on the reading wagon.

  • It’s okay to take a break. I know that seems blasphemous to think, let alone for bookworms to actually say out loud, but it’s the truth. Sometimes a certain book was exactly what we needed in that moment and we don’t have to rush onto the next one to fill the void it left when we finished. Take this time to research new books you’re interested in, place them on hold with your local library, and wait it out. You could maybe even write about that life-changing book to help inspire others to pick it up one day, help someone else find their next amazing book while you get over yours.

Reading slumps are one of the only downsides of the wonderous world of words, but they end eventually. It’s a bittersweet feeling that you’ve read a book so utterly earth-shattering that you feel you can never read again, but in reality, you just added an amazing book into your repertoire of favorites and that is definitely a good thing. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it could be your next great read.

Below are some of the books that I have on hold from our catalog for the next month if you wish to take some inspiration from my own picks.

Happy reading friends.

Click or tap the book covers to browse these titles in our catalog!


We Hunt the Flame Book Cover art


Lore Book Cover art


Hidden Figures Book Cover art


The Marriage Game Book Cover art


The Library of the Unwritten Book Cover Art



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