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5 Reasons to Check Out a Binge Box and Maximize Your Home Movie Experience

Recently, I embarked upon a movie-watching frenzy of epic proportions, feverishly binge-watching my favorite series straight through to their finales and tearing through each title in my Netflix queue. In a few days, I burned through a playlist that took what seems like years to compile. I had arrived at an impasse. Bored and reeling from the bittersweet sting of obliterating my watch list, I took to scrolling through my recommendations. And scroll I did- I spent hours scrolling through endless titles and trailers, adding a few here and there to my watch list. Then, defeated, I grabbed the remote and turned off the TV.

The following day, I took to the DVD collection at the Harris County Public Library. Here, I found the Binge Box Collection and instantly fell in love! Here are the top 5 reasons to check out a Binge Box:

1. The Ultimate Boredom Buster: Each Binge Box Includes Hours of Entertainment.

Each Binge Box contains 4-6 movies in one DVD case. A single Binge Box provides hours of entertainment. Boredom Busted!

2. Unique Themes and Versatile Topics: There's Something for Everyone

Just what is a Binge Box? A Binge Box is a collection of 4-6 DVD movies in one box. Movies are selected and grouped based on your favorite actors, genres, movies, and even books you have read. These are not your standard movie compilation sets, they are so much better! It’s sort of like a friend handing you a stack of well-loved DVDs and saying “You have to watch these!” Not sure where to begin?  Below are a few suggestions to get you started:


Fan Faves- The Many Faces of Keanu ReevesDon’t Mess With DenzelNickelodeon Presents
Family Movie Night- Dream Works Presents, Marvel’s Avengers, Nickelodeon Presents
Westerns- Pasta Cowboys, Best Western
The Film Buff- Stanley Kubrick, Philosophy of Film With the Coens
 Hipster- Indie Love Stories, 80s Imagination Movies
The Comedian- Comedy: The Golden Years, Dude, Where’s my Comedy?, The 90s: Gut Busters
Book Lovers- Book-based Children’s, A Person’s a Person No Matter How Small
The Historian- War Through the Ages, Black History, Women’s History
Horror Fiends- Stephen King. Masters of Horror, Original Nightmares
Binge Box Dvds on Library Shelf


3.  Great for Movie Night, Date Night, Staycations, and Road Trips

Need movies for family or date night? Try a Binge Box. More movies mean more opportunities to dazzle and flex your movie-selection skills. These little gems make great road trip companions and can be used in most standard DVD players, compatible game consoles, portable DVD players, and Computers with DVD capabilities, no internet access needed.

4. Find New Movies You Love or Learn Something New

Miss that warm fuzzy feeling you get from finding a new movie you love? Look no further! Binge Boxes are a great way to find movies based on your personal interests and movie-watching preferences. There is something for everyone, no matter how diverse, eclectic, or niche your interests. Browse the full Binge Box Collection online using the HCPL Catalog using the keyword "Binge Box".

5. Boost Your Checkout Power and Make the Most of Your Library Trips

Each box counts as 1 check out- no matter how many movies are included in the set. This gives you the power to check out even more movies in the same visit than standard DVDs. The Binge Box Collection gives you flexibility, options, and provides more entertainment between visits to the library!

How Do I Check Out a Binge Box?

You can check out Binge Box sets the same way you check out books, DVDs, and other library materials using your HCPL Knowledge Card or iKnow Digital Access Card. Need a library card? No problem! Sign up online for your iKnow Card today.

Planning a Movie Night, Staycation, or need DVDs for a road trip and need more than one but don’t know exactly which ones? We can put together a bundle for you. Customers can now request multiple Binge Boxes and other movies using the Book Bundle Submission Request online.

Request A Binge Box Bundle in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Request Bundle

2. Wait for notification that bundle is ready for pick-up

3. Call your selected HCPL Branch Library to schedule Curbside Pick-up

Search the catalog, place holds, and more using the HCPL App available for free on the Apple App Store and GooglePlay Store.


Click on these popular titles to place a hold now!

Indie Love Stories BInge Box


Book Based Childrens BInge Box


Masters of Horror Stephen King Binge Box


Marvel Avengers Binge Box


DreamWorks Binge Box DVD


Pictures: Courtesy of Midwest Tape

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