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Yellow, purple, & blue wildflowers in a green field

Earth Day and Arbor Day are coming up! There are lots of ways to give back to this great planet that does so much for each of us. Many people observe these dates by planting trees and flowers or bringing awareness to environmental issues. If I'm honest, I am not really the best plant parent. I think I’m still developing my green thumb. But I love plants and trees and nature. If you are like me and you’re looking for an easy, fun, and messy way to bring a little color to your landscape, you’re in luck! Janny Tram at the Aldine Branch Library has made a super fun craft video for you to try, no green thumb required. Make yourself a “Flower Seed Bomb”, throw it into a particularly sad looking part of your yard and watch the magic happen. No yard? No problem! You can also plant your flower seed bomb in a flower pot. 

Interested in learning more about flower gardening? Try some of our gardening books! 

Click or tap the book covers to access the catalog!

Book Cover of Floratopia

Book Cover for On Flowers

Book Cover for Name That Flower

Book Cover for Martha's Flowers

Book Cover for Proven Winners Garden Book

Or maybe you're interested in the environment! Check out these books to learn more.

Book Cover for The Future Earth

Book Cover for The Invention of Nature

The Fragile Earth

Book Cover for Apocalypse Never

Book Cover for Hacking Planet Earth

Did you know that Harris County Public Library hosts a monthly Gardening Series with the Harris County Master Gardeners? Check out some of the past gardening videos on the Harris County Public Library Facebook page and be sure to follow @harriscountypl on Facebook to see more!

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