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Quote by Arthur Ashe

A group of Marvel employees invented the now popular National Super Heroes’ Day on April 28, 1995. Since then, it has been celebrated by people of all ages. I think now is the perfect time to show our real gratitude to the current heroes that have been thrown into the spotlight. We should honor those workers any chance we get.

The pandemic has shown us that you don’t have to have a high paying position to be useful. In fact, the most essential workers that have come to light have been surprising. They are regular every day people with normal jobs.

Quote by Tom Hanks

On April 28th, we ask that you take a moment to educate your young ones about made up and real superstars that have served as role models this past year. Do not only wear capes this year. Wear scrubs, lab coats, polos, aprons, and ordinary clothing to praise all those run-of-the-mill people that have been working since the lockdown first started.

Roll out the red carpet for your local businesses. Take a moment to say thank you to your librarians, grocers, waitresses, nurses, janitors, teachers, and everyone in between! These people normally do not get enough recognition but definitely deserve to be praised extra this year.

Quote by Maya Angelou

Show the relationship between Superman and nurses, Black Panther and armed services, Wonder Woman and our line workers! Imagine the inspiration that you will bring when you get to tell your child that even YOU have been an essential superhero this past year. That they TOO can be a hero to someone!

Let’s not only build up our model 2D characters as people to be like. There are so many professions more attainable that we can be building up. No job is too menial to be ignored when relating how each one has been of use recently. I know I’ll be wearing my own cape as I let my kids know how proud I have been to work over the course of this difficult time.

quote by James Gordon
Take a look at these books about ordinary Superheroes!


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What kinds of jobs will you be telling your little ones about or celebrating yourself? Comment below what jobs you think deserve more praise than they are getting!

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