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832-416-1177 Free, confidential, anonymous crisis and suicide prevention counseling, 24 hrs a day, 7 days/week. IMPORTANT NUMBERS Helps connect you with resources in your community. Register for emergency transportation assistance through STEAR. 2-1-1 Emergency response services after disasters. Also offer first aid/CPR training, and disaster preparedness classes. 1-866-526-8300 American Red Cross of Houston 211 Texas United Way Save this in a convenient place so you know who to call when something happens. NON - EMERGENCY Request non-emergency police service. For use when there is no immediate threat to life or safety. Harris County 713-221-6000 City of Houston 713-884-3131 Emergency - Fire - Police -Ambulance Only for emergencies that threaten life or property. 9-1-1 800-222-1222 Experts can help you if someone has breathed, eaten, or touched chemicals or taken the wrong medicines. You can also call 9-1-1. Poison Control Center Crisis Hotline Gas Leak Emergency To report a suspected natural gas leak, immediately leave your home, go to a safe location and call. 713-659-2111 Jan 2021

Whether this is your first hurricane season living in Harris County or you're a long time resident, there is no better time to prepare than National Hurricane Preparedness Week, and Harris County Public Library is here to help! Below you'll find links to resources to help you with emergencies, disasters, and mental health. Janny Tram at the Aldine Branch Library put together a very helpful emergency contact list for Harris County residents which is featured on the right. 

The national and the local Ready Harris, are both websites you can use to find tipschecklists, and information for how to best prepare in an emergency situation. 

I find that the best thing I can do for my own peace of mind is to prepare as much as possible, but emergency situations still cause a lot of stress! May is also Mental Health Awareness Month. Texans Recovering Together partnered with the High Meadows Branch to provide advice about “Regulating Emotions During Difficult Times.” Check out the recording on Facebook

HCPL also has a lot of books about being prepared for the unexpected. We've linked some of them down below!

Click or tap the book covers to learn more!

Cover of the SAS Survival Handbook

Book Cover of Prepping 101

Book Cover Extreme Weather Survival Manual


Book Cover for How to Drag a Body

Book Cover for Survival Doctors Complete Handbook

Mother Nature Is Not Trying to Kill You



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