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Help HCPL Make a Book with Author Jim Gill

Harris County Public Library is 100 years old! That’s a lot of birthday wishes, so we need your help making wishes.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Harris County Public Library is working with award-winning musician and author Jim Gill to work on an exciting project based on his book May There Always Be Sunshine. We’re inviting children of all ages across Harris County to submit their wishes to help us create a community video book.

Submit Your Wish in 5 Easy Steps!May there always be good friends

Step 1: Think of your wish. May there always be…” It can be anything your child thinks up! It can be their wish for Harris County, like May There always be story times. It can even be silly! May there always be shushing librarians. There are endless possibilities!

Step 2: Write your wish on a piece of paper. Adults, you may need to help the younger children write their ideas down for this one. We recommend using a white sheet of letter size (8 ½” x 11”) paper. If you need paper, stop by your local HCPL branch.

Step 3: Draw your wish. Children may use crayons or markers to illustrate their wish. We look forward to seeing their colorful illustrations. 

Step 4: Sign your name. Your child is the artist, so don’t forget to have them sign their masterpiece! 

Step 5: Turn in your wish. Turn in your child’s wish to your local HCPL branch by June 15, 2021. Be sure to fill out the submission form when you turn in your drawing. You can fill out the form at the library or print it at home. Click here to find your local HCPL branch. 

The first 100 submissions will be included in the video book, but If we receive more than 100 wishes, we’ll create an extra video. When the video book is finished, the book will be post on HCPL's YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow HCPL on Facebook

Watch the video below to find out more about 100 Years, 100 Wishes from Jim Gill! 

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