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Now that we are welcoming you back to the library, lets take a look into the resources that you can access from anywhere you’d like! You can use your home computer or you can use one of the many computers that we have at the library. Today's focus will be Ebooks and Online Resources tab high-lighted in yellow on our main page. It looks like this:

Ebooks and Online Resources tab
Click on the picture to go here immediately!


This is where you will find everything you need to get started on any research project or to find any online book that you might need. You will notice that everything is at your fingertips on this page, including a minor listing of some of the databases that we offer to help you. Click on "see more" to find a heftier list of collected resources.

Research databases
                                                                    Click on the picture to take you there immediately!


A scatter of some of our more popular links will be directly below our Research & Learn Links. Lets take a quick dive into a few of them! To use the services listed below, you WILL have to have a library card and pin number associated with your library account.

Overdrive tab
Click on picture to go there immediately!




Overdrive is our most popular app for eBooks and audio resources. It is merged and slowly transitioning to our Libby app so we recommend downloading the Libby app for all your needs. If you find that you are having issues with the app, take a look at THIS BLOG, which will go through troubleshooting with you. If you have further questions, ask your LOCAL BRANCH STAFF or contact us via ASK US

Here you will find eBooks, audiobooks, streaming videos, magazines, and spanish materials. 



Linked in Learning app



Linked in Learning is one of the top sites for finding new and interesting courses on a variety of things. Courses come in 7 different languages with new courses added each week. If you plan on continuing your education, this is definitely the spot for you! Gain new skills and add them to your resume to advance your career!

Linked in Learning is formerly Lynda learning, for those of you used to seeing that particular application on our site. Click on the picture to go there immediately.




Kanopy is, by definition, a streaming video service focusing on critically-acclaimed documentaries, foreign films & classic cinema. You will find thousands of FREE movies to watch. A must have for the indie film connoisseur, stream anytime and anywhere! Click HERE to access your path to classic films and pleasing oldies. On the opposite end, Freegal is your one stop shot for anything music! You can make playlists that you can share on your own sites or with friends. You can find music videos and stream to your hearts delight. You can even download up to three albums a week! Click HERE for access to all your musical needs! As with the other links, you will have to have a library card. Visit your local public library for a new or replacement card (if you misplaced yours in the last year that the libraries have been closed).

Kanopy and Freegal apps


At the bottom of the page you will find links to more of our Services, Resources, and About Us! This will include a newer addition to the page, our "Library Blog". If you have not been actively visiting our website this past year, you might have missed that our HCPL staff have ventured into bringing you the best information that they possibly can. This includes: cooking, book reviews, programming, personal interests, and community pieces! We are proud to have staff dedicated to writing about things that can/will/may affect you and your lives. If you would like to search through and find out more about it, please click on the picture below to go there immediately. You can sort them by category, if you so choose, to better suit your interests.

Library Blog link


Frequently used services will be to your immediate left. You can find most things in this section. This will include Veteran services, tax services, citizenship and ESL courses, among other things! Feel free to take a look around and contact us should you find anything else you might need. We are constantly working to improve our site and take your suggestions to heart! 

Services listing

Comment below with your suggestions or even what you liked about this particular section of the website! Share with your friends who need a good start into finding the resources they might need.

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