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When it comes to learning, knowing where to get the information you need makes all the difference! With so many students working from home over the last school year, having helpful sites to get information and learn is an added help all students could use.

A person at a desk with a book on their head.

The Harris County Library website has more than just books for academics.  They have lots of databases that provide great information for students of all grades.  Here are 10 sites that fit the bill for student learning.


  1. Primary Search

On this site you will find research resources chosen for elementary school students.  That is where it all starts, right?

  1. Middle Search Plus

Here you'll find research resources chosen for middle school and junior high students. 

  1. MAS Complete

This site has resources specifically for the high school student.

  1. Biography Gail In Context

Here you'll find information on people from throughout history and around the world.  This is great for any history project or paper!

  1. Credo

On this site you'll find general reference resources, including encyclopedias and dictionaries, as well as videos, images, and maps. This can help with any subject or project!

  1. ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)

Here you'll find education-related articles, citations, and abstracts.  Another site that can help with all subjects!

  1. Essay & General Literature Index

On this site you'll find journal articles covering the humanities and social sciences. Great for academic writing and composition!

  1. Explora

On Explora you'll find research resources chosen for students.  This includes books, magazines, journals, videos, and more and is very helpful for homework and obtaining information for any class project!

  1. Funk & Wagnall’s New Encyclopedia

Here you’ll find an encyclopedia covering many subject areas. Great for all writing projects


  1. Read the Books

This site provides access to area school reading lists and specialized searches of kids' books in the HCPL catalog.  As they say, reading is the foundation of learning, so this one is a gem!




Now that you know the great sites available for learning in the database, here is how to get to them:

Simply go to

click on Explore

then click on Research & Learn

& Voila the databases are at your fingertips.   Most of them have a video tutorial to get you started too, so it’s a win-win!

Have a great school year students!







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