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crochet dinosaur

I wanted to crochet a baby gift for a friend. Ideally, I wanted a free pattern. If I could find it at HCPL, so much the better!

However, finding a knitting or crochet pattern in the library can be overwhelming! I can try to browse the shelves at one or two branches or put a hold on a book that might have what I want.

Instead, I used a much easier way.

In the this month's podcast episode, "Save Yourself from Boredom! And Get Crafty," I mention Ravelry as my first stop in searching for patterns. I can break down my search to find patterns in specific books owned by HCPL or that I can request through Inter Library Loan.

In this video, I describe my search process.


t-rexAs a result of my search, I was able to find the perfect pattern in the book Dinosaur Amigurumi, which I was able check out from HCPL for free!

This pattern was easy to follow and didn't take much time. I used acrylic yarn so the dino can be placed in a pillowcase or delicates bag for machine washing. Since this was for a baby, I embroidered the eyes (rather than use safety eyes) so they wouldn't be a choking hazard. Oh, and the limbs do move!

I'm very pleased with the result and hope my friend's baby will enjoy his prehistoric pal for a long time.

Do you knit or crochet yourself? Do you use Ravelry for pattern searches? Do you find other sites helpful with patterns as well?

Please let us know in the comments how "hooked" you are on crochet (or knitting or any other craft). 

I'm certainly "loopy" for it!

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