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Parents are a child’s first teacher. Parents teach their child how to say their first words, how to take their first steps, and introduces them to

Infographic with statistics from HCPL's Book Buddies Program


the world. Now thanks to COVID-19, many parents have become their child’s teacher again, only this time they have a lesson plan to follow.

Parents, help is on the way! Harris County Public Library has taken the Book Buddies program out of the library into a virtual setting called Book Buddies @ Home.

How Does Book Buddies @ Home Work?

Book Buddies @ Home pairs HCPL staff (Big Buddies) with children in Kindergarten through 3rd grades (Little Buddies). For 10 weeks, the buddies meet once a week for 30 minutes of one-on-one shared reading on Microsoft Teams.

Why is it important?

Book Buddies @ Home gives children extra reading practice with a caring adult mentor. Though Book Buddies @ Home is a literacy enrichment program, it is not a program that teaches children to read. Rather, the program celebrates books and helps children develop a love for reading.

What do the Buddies read?

Whatever the Little Buddy wants! Big Buddies help Little Buddies to choose their own books based on their own interests. Big Buddies are there to help guild Little Buddies into new territories (like a new genre or author), while keeping the reading experience supportive, positive, and fun.

Online Safety?

For the safety of the children in the online program, all Big Buddies will be library staff. All reading sessions are held on Microsoft Teams, a system that is managed by the library. Parents are in constant communication with their child’s Big Buddy. Even though the program is outside the library walls, we have created a safe online environment for our Little Buddies.

What’s the Book Buddies @ Home schedule?

We offer a flexible schedule! Caregivers select the day and time that works best for their child’s schedule. Reading sessions are held Monday – Thursday at 11 AM or 4 PM.

When does the next session begin?

The Book Buddies @ Home Fall 2021 session begins the week of September 13 and ends the week of November 15. 

How do I apply?

Updated 09-02-2021: Registration for the Fall 2021 Book Buddies has closed. 

As long as you can open Microsoft Teams on your device, you are just one click away from joining a reading session with a Big Buddy.



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