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If you too are missing the warmth and comfort of The Great British Baking Show (aka The Great British Bake Off in the UK), then this is a great time to check out the many cookbooks written by contestants and hosts of the show. Master your own “technical challenge” as you wait for new episodes to drop this fall. Remember to watch out for those soggy bottoms! In the meantime, you can catch up on seasons 1-4 on DVD.  


If you have a specific recipe from the tent in mind, checkout the following.  

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The great British bake off: get baking for friends & family. The Great British Baking Show: The Big Book of Amazing Cakes. The great British bake off : perfect cakes and bakes to make at home

Baking with Kim-Joy by Kim-Joy 

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Baking with Kim-Joy: Cute and Creative Bakes to Make You Smile

During her time on season 9, Kim-Joy delivered some of the most colorful and unique bakes. If you’re looking to add a little quirkiness to your recipes, then you are sure to find something amongst options like cat paradise cake or pistachio choux turtles! 

If you want to impress at the next holiday gathering, we also have Christmas with Kim-Joy: a festive collection of edible cuteness

Chetna’s 30 Minute Indian: Quick and Easy Everyday Meals by Chetna Makan 

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Chetns's 30 Minute Indian

Are you hungry and want to take a break from baking? Then try one of Chetna’s recipes for Indian food. Whether you choose to make raita or curry, you’ll be in and out of the kitchen within 30 minutes.  

More of her cookbooks are available for checkout here

Fast Cakes: Easy Bakes in Minutes by Mary Berry 

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Fast cakes: easy bakes in minutes

Although absent from the later seasons, the pages of this cookbook perfectly capture Mary’s baking expertise. With more than 150 recipes included, you can count on Mary to make your baking experience straightforward yet fun. 

More of her cookbooks, and even an autobiography, are available for checkout here.  

How to Bake by Paul Hollywood 

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How to bake

There really is no better teacher than the master of bread making himself, Paul Hollywood. With lots of pictures included, you will be confidently making elaborate recipes in no time. He even breaks down the Victoria Sponge so that beginners won’t be intimidated on their first try. 

More of his cookbooks are available for checkout here

Nadiya Bakes by Nadiya Hussain 

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Nadiya Bakes by Nadiya Hussain

Somewhere in the over 100 recipes included you are sure to find a new favorite dessert. Nadiya promises simple recipes perfect for the novice and alluring enough for those with more experience.1 

Nadiya’s talents go beyond baking. We have some of her works of fiction available for checkout here.  

Twist: Creative Ideas to Reinvent Your Baking by Martha Collison 

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Twist: Creative ideas to reinvent your baking

In her debut cookbook, published in 2016, Martha takes everyday recipes and reinvents them. If you’re tired of the same boring cakes and cookies then be ready to experiment with new flavors and take your bakes on a sophisticated “Twist.” 

Available as an eBook here.  

Please share some of your favorite recipes. We are curious to know what you are currently baking!

Fan of the show? Tell us why you love The Great British Baking Show in the comments below.  

1 Summary from: Hussain, Nadiya. Nadiya Bakes, Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2021. 

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