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Creatures, cryptids, and ghosts in Hispanic Folklore are well known around Texas. Growing up, I remember hearing stories of creatures that would “get me” if I stayed out late at night, lied, or didn’t listen. As an adult, I learned that these stories were to help me make better choices, but I became obsessed with learning more about creatures like La Llorona and their histories.  

HCPL’s collection of Journal Articles is a great place to go when looking for additional information because they have a variety of content.  

Book Reviews 

Image: Wikimedia Commons

When searching through Journal Articles, book reviews are one of the most common types of articles featured. Let's say you are looking for book reviews about one of the most famed cryptids in Hispanic folklore: El Chupacabra. Using the journal articles tab there are tons of links with reviews for books that can help you decide if this book is worth reading, like the historical fiction series The Cryptid Files by Jean Flitcroft. The second book in the series features El Chupacabra and the review expressed that readers will be interested in the mystery elements of the book. 

In addition to book reviews, articles on the importance of reading are widely available. I came across a great article from Literacy Today by Rene Saldana Jr that discusses the importance of reading leyendas or legends in Hispanic culture. Children learn from parents about creatures like La Llorona and El Duende through stories or leyendas and putting them in book form help to encourage reading. Saldana Jr states that “These children identify these as the same stories their parents and grandparents have told time and again, making sure that the next generation doesn’t forget them.” 

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Informative Articles 

Alongside book reviews, you can find a selection of informative articles. Some articles can give you basic historical information. A search for El Cucuy resulted in a short but detailed account of El Cucuy’s origins in an article in the journal La Herencia in 2002.   

One of the great things I love about using Journal Articles in my search are the hidden gems. One of my favorite Hispanic legends is that of La Llorona or The Weeping Woman and I recently discovered a chapter of Folklore: In All of Us, In All We Do that discusses the historical significance of La Llorona in Mexican-American culture, and how La Llorona is connected and featured in other folklore around the world. The chapter was extremely fascinating and prompted me to request Folklore: In All of Us, In All We Do  so that I could read about the others featured. 

In the Collection

If you're looking for materials to enhance your folklore experience, we've got a nice mixture of media. 

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From reviews, book suggestions, and informative narratives, journal articles is a one-stop shop when you want to diversify your searching or find something new! 

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