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Living in the Houston area can be a bit of a let down in the early fall.  The season of apples and harvest and pumpkin spice lattes can leave you wishing that maybe there was a bit of a chill in the air, instead of it being 95 and sunny.   As we move towards October, though, we have a few of those cool days.  And those are the days that get me to thinking about making soup.  

When I am feeling the soupy vibe, there are a few library resources I sometimes use to  find a new recipe.  Today I am going to introduce you to four of them. 

All of these online resources can be found by clicking the "Ebooks and Online Resources" section of the webpage. 

  1. Overdrive Books 

I used to love to collect cookbooks, but I found that I usually only used one or two recipes before shelving it and deciding, for whatever reason, the things inside didn’t suit. What I love about checking out books on Overdrive is that it lets me test drive a cookbook before taking up precious shelf space with it.  I have the Libby app on my phone (of course!) but when I am looking at cookbooks I like to try to look at them on my computer so I can see more at once.    

Searching for soup shows a few promising titles 

Some books about soup on overdrive

I'm going to go ahead and try Soup Night by Maggie Stuckey. 

  1. Overdrive Magazines 

Overdrive doesn’t just have books, but also magazines, including some of those tempting ones you see at the checkout of the grocery store.  Just like books, this can help you try a publication on for size before dropping the money on impulse like I so often do.  This one looks like a lot of fun.  

A magazine full of soup recipes found on Overdrive
  1. Flipster 

Flipster is another magazine resource.  It has less to choose from in terms of titles, but it has a great search feature that lets you look for specific words within a magazine.  

One magazine you can access issues of is Cooking Light, a great source for soups.  Once you click on the magazine, you can search all of the back issues for your chosen word or phrase.  

I found pages and pages of mentions of soup 

A search for soup on flipster

Flipster makes it easy to print the pages of these magazines, so you can save the recipes you like for later if the magazine is a distant back issue you can no longer buy.  I think that Lemony Greek Chicken Soup that came up on the search looks like a great choice.  

  1. PressReader 

PressReader is a new resource for library users that lets them access magazines from all over the world. You can narrow by subject and language.  Here are the food and drink selections in English on the day I checked:  

Some Titles available on pressreader for food and drink

Since the magazines are from all over the world, it can be fun what sort of foods are being touted in the UK or Australia this season. There are tons of back issues to peruse 

Of course we have lots of great physical cook books too, so check out your nearest location to browse.   

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to revisit that chicken soup recipe. I have a grocery list to make. 

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