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Have you ever thought, "Wow it sure seems like a lot of gay characters die in stories."? And it doesn't seem to matter what kind of story: romance, horror, fantasy, etc. It just seems like a lot.  

Well, friends, you have stumbled upon Bury Your Gays. A trope so common in popular culture, it has its own page on TvTropes and has spawned a subspecialty in academia complete with scholarly articles! In short, Bury Your Gays is a phenomenon in fiction where queer or queer-coded characters meet untimely deaths at a disproportionate rate compared to their straight counterparts. 

The roots of what would become Bury Your Gays date back to the late 19th century. While it’s a trope with a long, sad history, it’s not one without nuance and depth. Queer creators have used this trope, particularly in the early years, as a way to tell stories that would otherwise not be accepted by society. Queer characters could be portrayed sympathetically if they met an untimely end. 

Luckily, societal mores have shifted, and creators don’t have to kill off their queer characters to tell their stories. Yet, the use of this trope continues, often without nuance or depth. When Bury Your Gays is used by straight creators, it’s sad at best, exploitative at worst

So, if you’re tired of your favorite LGBTQ characters dying violently, particularly if they’re women—who could blame you? Maybe, even if authors are using the trope with sensitivity, you just don’t want any Bury Your Gays getting into your book! Well, our Overdrive team has the antidote for you. 

Welcome to our newest curation, Unbury Your Gays! 

Yes, instead of dying, the gays in these spooky tales stay stubbornly alive! Sure, they might be undead sometimes, but they’re not underground. Vampires that fall in love, werewolves that survive against all odds, witches that fight back—we’ve got them all in this October’s Unbury Your Gays Collection on Overdrive.  

From bone-chilling horror to moody mysteries, there’s sure to be something here to whet your appetite this Halloween. 

Trick ‘r Treat! 

Titles from the Unbury Your Gays Curation

sitw cover

wbt cover

helleville cover

moe cover

tld cover


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