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There are times when, as an artist, I struggle to get back into any form or medium of my craft. There are whole months where I zone out and don’t pick up a pencil or sketch book. Does this sound like a problem that you might also be having? I’ve got the exact remedy for this situation: Daily art challenges!

Intktober, a set of daily sketching prompts that span the month of October, was created by Jake Parker in 2009 as a way to get out of his own funk. It quickly became a hit with thousands of artists using his prompts, or creating their own, to challenge blocks that they were having. Since then, Jake has had to copyright the Inktober logo to control his intellectual property but still allows people to use the prompts as they like. The only thing you need permissions for is when you want to use his logo on your art and sell it under that name. Go to THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE for more info and permissions.

blog-Jake Inktober-FM
This years Inktober prompt

Another artist, whose prompts are wildly popular, is EmiMonster whose MONSTOBER lists just recently garnered a following after her own sketches of the prompts brought pin collectors into the world of drawing. Her drawings and pins are highly sought after and are often resold at 2 to 5 times the original price. Her brightly colored chimera-like animals have spoken to a different side of artists and have brought a new challenge to people who are looking for one. Check out her WEBSITE for more info or follow her on Facebook/Instagram to keep up with her upcoming Monstober drawings! To learn more about Emi, scroll to the bottom of the blog*.

A few of last years drawings and this years prompt

These aren’t the only popular artists participating in this trend but they are two of the most talked about. Don’t think that you have to sell or finish your art to participate. There’s nothing official about the event (besides the original logo) so you’re more than welcome to do the daily prompts or only do one if you so choose. There are many artists who chose to do it every other day or even once a week. Jake and other artists have made it a year-round event with Inktober52, which prompts for one drawing a week all year long.

If there’s anything that you struggle with, there are many different lists online from past years that you can still use (again, there’s nothing official about it so you do not have to limit yourself). There are lists about drawing the human figure, scenery, animals, made up creatures, and even lists that give you a vague idea and let you run with it how you see fit. Many are not even about Halloween but do include a fall-like feel.

This is an event that I try to participate in yearly and it has helped me become a little more in tune with my own styles and weaknesses. Other artists can tell you how much following a certain list has helped them get out of a creative block and find their passion for their craft again. If you struggle daily to find something to draw or just need to doodle to find your way again, hopping onto this trend is probably just what the doctor ordered.

Is this, perhaps, your first time trying to get into drawing or are you wanting to get into a new medium but don't know how? Take a look at our wide selection of books on creating any number of things and then join in on the daily fun with whatever craft you decide to use:

Blog- Overdrive collection of art books
Click here for the overdrive collection


*Side note: By the time you see this blog, a few days might have gone by for the challenge. DO NOT WORRY CITIZENS! You can always go back and try to catch up if you like. Be sure to post your pictures to your social media and tag them with #drawtober or whichever prompt you used to get some attention and perhaps some critiquing from other artists/fans of watching the Inktober arts.

Meet Emi Giovannini, the mind and artist behind EmiMonster Art. Born and raised in Italy, Emi relocated to the UK where she shares a life with her partner Tim, and their cats. Emi graduated with honors from Bologna Academy of Fine Art in 2018. She draws and paints a wide variety of subject matter, also she works as writer/director and editor on various video projects. Current projects include custom pieces both for individuals as well as collectives who use her original artworks to create enamel pins. At you will find an eclectic mix of Emi's original creations in the form of stickers, pins, one of a kind illustrations, paintings and more. As Emi's (self proclaimed) number one fan, Miranda works hard to keep the gears that run this monstrous operation turning. With over 10 years of experience running all aspects of an online business, she's more than qualified to tackle all of EmiMonster's packing and shipping needs. In addition to sending out your purchases, Miranda also serves as admin for Emi's Facebook group and head of the monster naming committee. All of this and more keep her busy making sure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly so that Emi can continue to create art for her fans around the clock.

We would just LOVE IT if you shared your drawings with us this year! Do you think the library should come up with a list of their own and give it a try? Comment below on what works best for you when you are having a trying time and want to get back into the flow!

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