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When the libraries were closed to the public last year due to the pandemic, library staff was still hard at work trying to connect patrons to our services and resources.  Many new services emerged, including curbside pick-up, online reference, and two kinds of Book Bundles.

The idea behind Book Bundles was to give patrons the experience of discovering new authors and titles at a time when they couldn't browse the shelves themselves. Book Bundles are small collections of books, movies, and magazines handpicked by library staff tailored to your interests.

Book Bundles proved to be so popular with the public that even though our doors are now open, library branches across the county are still offering Book Bundles for patrons who do not know exactly what they want or don’t have time to browse.  

Most Book Bundle patrons request their books via our website, though some branches will also accept requests by phone.  It’s easy! Just visit and click on the “book bundles” portion of the page.  

Here is where the button is

It will direct you to our Book Bundles page.   Once there, you simply fill out the form with your name, library card number, email, phone number and the branch you want to pick up the bundle at.  Select up to three kinds of books you’d like to see in your bundle, and the library staff will have a book bundle ready for you in two days or less. 

You'll get an email when your bundle is ready for pick up. 

You can order picture books, concept books, early readers, early chapter books, middle grade or young adult fiction, graphic novels for any age group, nonfiction, biography, adult fiction, DVDs and even magazines.  Almost anything you can check out at the library falls in one of our book bundle categories.  

At Kingwood we always appreciate when patrons leave us notes to let us know what books they have enjoyed in the past, what characters they like, how old their kids are and what concepts they are trying to learn.  The more information you gives, the better we are able to make a Book Bundle that is just right for you. 

Some fans of the service have commented that they love Book Bundles because it gives them a chance to try out new things they may not have thought to read.  We try to change who picks up book bundles for repeat patrons so they can get a taste of hidden gems that not everyone knows about.  One Kingwood librarian told me that she loves to get a chance to share old favorites that may no longer be fashionable but are still great books.  

Intrigued?  Try a Book Bundle today!

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